Thursday, July 31, 2014

Luke Week: Mr. "Tough" Buck?

Farm cat Friday will return next week. The cats are taking a well deserved rest after all the fun of the Catastic Event but Luke would like to remind you that the giveaways are still ongoing and you should be sure to enter:

6 Bars of Happy Goat Soap (INT) - ends 8/8

You wouldn't want to miss out on all of those great prizes!

Luke the goat is the big, tough buck on the Farm.
You saw that yesterday when he hid like a baby kept us all safe from the hay man and his monster machine.
Here you can see him in action being a mean, ToughBuck!

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE.

Aren't you all afraid of him now?
He's scary -  NOT!

So that's our Luke.
And we love him.


  1. Aw, he is just a sweet widdle boy goatie, isn't he???

  2. That was a great event week! We can only imagine how much the Farm Cats (and the Publicist) need a nap break!
    Luke, don't worry... every mangoat needs a softer side too.
    : )

  3. For all his hormones, Luke is just a sweetheart!

  4. Luke sure did love his scritches. Though we have a feeling the Publicist may have loved giving them to you a little more. ;)

  5. Luke, glad you got some great scratching. He is a really good boy. Those horns are really something.

  6. He's a sweetie! He sure loves scritches form the publicist!

  7. The Farm Cats deserve a very long nap! What an amazing set of events! As for Luke, Mom L is ready to give him some scritches too!

  8. The Farm Cats deserve their naps after that crazy week ! Sweet Luke seems to like scritches ! Purrs

  9. Luke- you will lose your macho status if you let the publicist show what a sweetie you are.

  10. Boooooo! I was waiting for him to bite or buck the Publicist. Boooo!


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