Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Luke Week: Excitement on the Farm

What is that?
What is all that noise?
Is something invading the Farm?
Do I have to worry?
Are my does safe?


I am not sure what this monster is.
I think I will retreat for now.
It seems to be staying up by the road.
It is not coming near me or my does.

I will stay here until it is safe I decide not to.
Why shouldn't I?
I don't know what that monster wants but I will remain vigilant in my goat house!

And so he did until the hay man left.
The big, strong buck.
Hiding from the hay man.


  1. Luke!!! I can't believe YOU are afraid of the hay man!

  2. You were very *brave* to make sure the monster stayed far from you and your does, Luke. Good job! ;)

  3. I was thinking of the days when we unloaded hay by hand and that fancy machine that was unloading the hay But then I saw how big those bales were. Yikes. Good thing for that machine. Looks like great hay. The donkeys are very jealous.

  4. That is quite a toy the hay man has. Are you not interested in tools and more power like most guys?

  5. Luke, we know you're not afraid of the hay man, just the monster he brought with him right? Thought so.

  6. Hahaha! That's funny. Hobbes is like that too---he looks all big and brave, but he is a big chicken! Must be a "boy" thing!

  7. Shocking! I thought he’d want to be the first to try it.


Maaaaaa away....


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