Sunday, July 13, 2014

Look What the Male Person Brought Just for US!

We love the male person!
Look what he brought for us...

JUST for us.
Can you believe it?
He went into the woods and cut all of this tasty wood.

We have been enjoying it.
Especially little Alex.
He has discovered that he really loves bark.

I don't blame him.
It's very yummy.
He looks like he will butt anyone who tries to take his snack, doesn't he?

AbbyGoat just stared in awe.
She couldn't believe that all of that wood was here for us.

Bernadette was so excited she had to climb to the top!
I think we will have plenty to eat this winter.

What do you mean this is not our food for the winter.
What do you mean it is to heat the yurt?
What do you mean you are going to use this tasty wood for HEAT?!

You humans are CRAZY!
Crazy I maaaaa!


  1. We bet there's gonna be a BUMPER crop of mousies in there for Harry!

  2. The male person faked you goats out! No fair!

  3. at least you get to munch on it for a while!

  4. Oh No, it isn't all for you goats. That isn't very nice. But at least you get to chew on it some. That bark is just so tasty. Our goats used to rip the bark off of all the trees. Take care.

  5. at least you can climb on it and eat it for a while! eat fast!

  6. we wondered about that - we seem to recall a similar problem you had last fall too :) all we can say is chew faster until the male person moves it on you

  7. that's one way to get your fiber! LOL!

  8. You guys had better stop maaaaaing and start MUNCHING!

  9. HAH! I was gonna comment that I can’t believe you eat fire wood. MOL! There’s still time to eat some before winter.

  10. Maybe the male person will get a second load of bark just for all of you so you don't have to share with the heat for the yurt.

  11. You goats eat bark?? We learned something new! Get your fill in while you can!

  12. I wish you guys were closer to NJ - I have piles of wood you could nibble on!

  13. My sister had a herd of goats a few years ago (maybe that is why The Girl has goats) and you could see on Google maps where they had stripped the bark off the trees!

    We counted your comment and thank you so much for visiting us for our Gotcha Day benefit! It was a great success!

  14. Well, three out of three kitties over here would argue that Bonito flakes are FAR superior to bark, but they are behind you 100% on the fact that humans are just plain - WEIRD.

  15. I think you'll get your ration of fiber there, and they can still heat the yurt!

  16. That is just crazy! I can't imagine anyone not wanting to each such a great pile of wood.


Maaaaaa away....


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