Monday, July 7, 2014

Just What is Sherpa the Farm Cat Up to Now?

We ask that question a lot around this Farm don't we?
But that Sherpa is always UP to something.
And he is generally UP!

This time he was UP on the walls.
Looking DOWN.
Not to mention looking a bit imperious.

No one knows what goes through his little cat mind.
But he sure does look comfortable up there doesn't he?

What? Did you want something Sherpa?
None of us can reach you up there.
If you want something you have to come done.

Ooooh, you'd rather stay UP, wouldn't you?
That's fine. Enjoy yourself.

You look somewhat golden up there with the sun behind you.
It almost looks like you could go out the skylight and on to the roof.

If you have a minute the publicist would appreciate your reading a post on her blog - it stars all of the Farm cats.


  1. Sherpa, I think the publicist should serve you your meals up there - am I right or am I right?

  2. She was nice enough to build you a house with walls designed for kitties. Say "thank you," Sherpa!

  3. I don't know what Sherpa is up to...but he's sure doing a great job of showing off those beautiful pink walls and that great wall graphic! : )

  4. Sherpa certainly looks comfortable up there! He has a good view so he can watch everything you all do!!

  5. We've loved Sherpa since the day you introduced him to us. He sure looks comfy. A good cat will do that.

  6. What a great hangout Sherpa has found!

  7. That's such a nice spot to watch the goings on that happen around you, Sherpa. Maybe your Publicist needs to have a ladder made so she can climb up to serve your meals. :)

  8. What a great place to be Sherpa. We sure would like something like that. You do look so comfy. We agree with Sparkle, your meals should be served up there.

  9. it sure looks nice up there Sherpa!! maybe convince the publicist to put up a shelf and bed for you :)

  10. Sherpa, I love being up high too...I think you've got the best seat in the house there. ~Wally

  11. You have the bestest perches ever Sherpa! We love seeing you up high but you make our mommy nervous!

  12. That Sherpa must have knew about the great giveway Kate Benjamin was having. MOL!

  13. I don't blame him. Imagine having a spot, all your own, where nobody can bother you...but you can see everything that is going on. Sherpa has the life!

  14. We think you kids live in the coolest house we has ever seen! Just LOOK at those walls!


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