Monday, July 14, 2014

It's Yoga Time

You would never guess that Louise the goat is pregnant.
She leads the daily yoga sessions in the goat pen.

She starts us off easy.
You have to warm up you know.
Then she goes on to the more stretchy stuff.

I think she really wants to teach ballet.
What do you think?

Bernadette has great style, don't you agree?
I think she needs a tutu.

What are you doing?

You do not make up moves on your own!
You are supposed to follow along!

That is better!
Excellent form!

What? I'm supervising!
I CAN TO see with my eyes closed.


  1. Yoga is supposed to be good for pregnant humans - so why shouldn't it work for pregnant goats?

  2. well that DOES look very relaxing :)

  3. You are are very good at yoga. AbbyGoat, we bet you supervise everything!

  4. MOL! We think the goats would eat the tutus!

  5. Great Yoga lessons all of you. We especially like Alex's moves. I dare you to put a tutu on Bernadette. Us Donkeys will have to try those moves but we know we can't do as well as you goats do it. You all have a great day.

  6. Those are some pretty impressive yoga stretches!

  7. Congratulations to Louise on being with kid. She has a great attitude in doing her yoga workout.. I was pregnant one long hot summer many years ago and my workout consisted of repetitive sets of lifting my spoon from container of Haggen Dazs coffee ice cream to my mouth. As usual, the boy in the class wanders off & does his own thing. Who would ever question that you can see everything Abbygoat,- even with your eyes closed. Abbygoat knows all, sees all.

  8. Darling Louise, We fink you need Modesty Tail! Ha ha ha ha ha! We look forward to seeing your baby!

  9. WooHoo! Big congrats to Louise!
    ...and those are some VERY impressive yoga poses!
    : )

  10. You look so cute, AbbyGoat. Louise, the pic should be rated X. I think you need one of those t shirts I’m posed with.

  11. EXCELLENT technique! And we can totally see ballet with that outstanding barre you have there, too!

  12. Louise looks like she's in excellent condition. Glad she's taking care of herself. Alex is a typical little buck! Goofball.


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