Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's HOT

I am not a happy goat.
It is H.O.T.
And it got hot over night.


One day it was in the 70ies and today it was 95°

I hid in my goat house.
Out of the worst of the sun.

I was getting very relaxed.
The heat will do that to a goat.

In fact I feel like I'm falling aslezzzzzzzzzzz

Oh! I am so sorry!
That was quite a nap.
I did not mean to take it in the middle of blogging.
It was just THAT hot.

Later in the day I went out of my pen to try and cool off.

I sat in the dirt.
Did you know that dirt is very cooling?
It is.
I would not lie.

It felt so good.
I felt like I was going to fall aslezzzzzzzz

I fooled you.
I am not sleeping.

I hope it cools off soon.


  1. I think the publicist should bring out the hose and give youse kids a good spray!

  2. Oh yeah, 95 is way too hot! Especially when you can't go inside where there is air conditioning.

  3. Mommy says she's going to have to find herself some dirt to sit in. MOL. We hope your weather cools down "overnight" too!

  4. Oh No Pricilla, that is way too hot for all you goats. It is that hot here too but it isn't unusual for us. So take care. Maybe some nice ice cubes for you. Stay cool as you can. Take care.

  5. We hate the heat too. Try to stay cool and take it easy, Pricilla.

  6. oh, that's a drastic change and very hard on poor animals!

  7. i am right there with you! i hate this weather!

  8. wow - that's terrible...we hope it cools off soon. maybe the publicist will leave the basement door to the yurt open and you can sneak in there....

  9. we are cool here today in Michigan, will send some your way!

  10. Whoa! Does the Publicist ever use the hose on you? I think she should put some sprinklers in so you goats can cool down. 95 degrees is torture.

  11. Ugh! It's hot here too! If we can't find the mom we are going to look for her in dirt.

  12. That's way too hot! It was 97 here on Tuesday but it's down in the 70s again today so hope it's cooled off for you too!

  13. Pricilla, it was hot here a few days it is cool! Only 70 degrees...and it's July for cod sakes! But we would give anything to roll in the dirt, we never get to do that..whether it's hot or cold.

  14. Oh, poor goat friend--it is either too hot or too cold for you! :( Wish you were here today--it is 75 degrees and sunny. It is very comfortable and lovely IF the goofs with the fireworks knock it off.

  15. The mom person says it was UBER-HOT in Texas, and they were working like, uh...FARM animals... packing our grand-humans. They're back (but we hear rumor they aren't DONE down there yet. WE DO NOT APPROVE!) Any advice on sabotaging future trips???

  16. Dirt is good for a while, but then you have to move to new dirt.


Maaaaaa away....


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