Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Had a Lovely Blogcation

I want to thank the Farm cats for taking over the blog for the last week for their Catastic Event. The giveaways are still going on so be sure you keep entering. You can check it all out on the Wrap Up on the publicist's blog. Plus the links are on the right side of my blog to make it easy for you to enter.

It was a most relaxing week for me. I even went on a trip!
It's true!
Spitty came and whisked me away for a lovely trip in his bright red furrari.
We had a terrific time and I thank him for taking me away from the Farm for a bit.

It gave me some nice memories for when I came back because you will not believe what happened.
The publicist put her gum in the hay pile and it disappeared!
You can read all about it on her blog HERE. In fact she would appreciate your comments and votes for who stole her gum.

But I am one of the suspects!
Can you imagine such a thing?
As if I would steal her gum.

I am going to have a good long maaaaa with the publicist about this.
After that I am sure she will regret listing me as a suspect.
I would never do such a thing.
Would you look at my sweet face and think such evil of me?

I would think not!

Now tomorrow I will tell you why the publicist has been given me apples every day and then after that there will be a week of Luke the goat!


  1. Mommy is AWFUL and say the culprit might be farting BUBBLES!!!

  2. Hi dearest, I am so happy you enjoyed our trip. You were a wonderful companion, so sweet and cuddly!

    I know *you* would never steal any stoopy gum! Now, if it were applesauce. . . .

  3. It's nice to see you back, Pricilla! And I just want to say, I looked over at the voting results, and the numbers do not lie! NOBODY thinks you stole the gum!

  4. you in the furrari - too cute!

  5. Oh Pricilla, we sure are glad you are back. Glad you had a good time with Spitty. We know you didn't steal the gum. Just what would you do with that gum. Bet that bad boy Alex took it. Enjoy your Monday.

  6. I sure hope you and Spitty didn't have any unexpected encounters with the highway patrol! I hear he's a real lead-paw.
    ; )

  7. We're glad you enjoyed your trip, and we love the idea of Katnip Lounge's mom ! Purrs

  8. Did you have a fun trip with Spitty in his Furrari? We could never think that YOU could be guilty of stealing the Juicy Gum, Priscilla. But then again, those stuff are really yummy so who knows? ;)

  9. If you were with Spitty, how could you have taken the gum? I usually don’t defend goats but would be willing to take your case on.

  10. We're glad you had a fun spin with Spitty on your blogcation Pricilla! We do not think for one second that you would steal her gum! Nope, not you!

  11. we are glad you had a good time and we certainly don't think you stole the gum :)

  12. Good think Spitty's furrari is a convertible, Pricilla. We're not sure you would have fit otherwise. ;) We're glad you enjoyed your blogcation.

  13. Glad to hear you & Spitty had a great time touring around in his Furrari. Nothing says summertime like a lady goat & a mancat just speeding off into the sunset without a care in the World. I do hope Luke doesn't find out about this or he may want to severely headbutt Spitty for to move in on one his lady goats.

    As for who stole the Publicists chewing gum, I am sure the Publicist will eventually find the the person or animal guilty of such devious shenanigans will be found eventually. You are a great investigator Pricilla. I am sure you could find the culprit that took the Publicist's gum. Start by smelling the breath of everyone on the farm to narrow down your suspects. Anyone with fruity fresh smelling breath should be considered suspicious & interrogated.

  14. Glad you had a nice rest, especially when you'd had all that stuff on your apples to make you feel good.

  15. Glad you enjoyed your break. I can't believe your publicist would suspect you of taking her gum.


Maaaaaa away....


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