Thursday, July 3, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa Catches a Wave

The very nice people at Urban Pet Haus sent the Farm cats a Wave. They were under no obligation to share their meows about it.

There has been some banging and knocking going on in the yurt.

The male person was drilling.

He was measuring and leveling.

He was lifting and installing.

This does not look like something for a goat!
Ooooh, the publicist tells me it is for the Farm cats.

It is for them to have "vertical space" whatever that is.
The publicist likes it because it makes it easier for Sherpa to get up on the walls. We know how much Sherpa like to patrol the walls.

Do you want to know what it it is?
It is a WAVE from Urban Pet Haus.
Sherpa likes it up there.

He can look down on the other Farm cats.
And on the publicist and the male person.
I think he is giving them the raspberry!

I think having this new wave has made Sherpa a little bit obnoxious.
What do you think?

Sherpa is a very happy Farm cat. The publicist is very happy too. They thank Urban Pet Haus for sending the Wave. You can find Urban Pet Haus on Facebook


  1. I wish I had one of those so I could give Binga a raspberry from up high!

  2. Mommy has mentioned numerous times about installing some vertical space on our walls but it's a no-go from Daddy. She's still working on him!

    Enjoy your "Wave", Sherpa! And Happy 4th of July!

  3. Yay Sherpa, now you have your very own snoooopervising seat. That was so nice of the male person to put it up there for you. Have a really good and safe Fourth of July.

  4. I think you need a few more of those around the yurt! They are so cool! AND an easier way to get on the top of all the walls. I think Hobbes and Grace would be very jealous of that.

  5. how very cool! it is trendy and chic and popular, obviously!

  6. Thanks. Now Nellie wants one of those waves, and says two or three would be even better.

  7. That is one cool spot for Sherpa to survey the yurt! Wish we could have one but Mommy says there's no place to put one. Whatever.

  8. Waaaaay WAY cool. Faraday totally thinks if Sherpa has one HE hasta have one too. WORD.

  9. I would like a wave. I like being up high. Higher than Ernie and Zoey. ~Wally

  10. That is awesome!! We could use something like that here....but mom thinks we probably don't have enough wall space.

  11. Hey! We want that too! Ohhhh, mmmommmmm . . .

    Have a great 4th everyone! Enjoy and stay safe!

  12. We'd like about TWENTY of those...a whole OCEAN!

  13. I’m glad Sherpa like New Wave; so does TW. What? It’s new wave without the caps. I don’t have things on the wall even though Uncle Vince said he’s put them up for me. Now that I’m older, I don’t climb like I used to. No more tops of doors for me.

  14. A series of waves would make a wonderful ladder


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