Thursday, July 17, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Look What Harry The Farm Cat Did

Yesterday Harry the Farm cat was a hunter extraordinaire!
He caught one big fat gopher.

He found it by one of his favorite gopher holes.
He brought it down closer to the yurt.

It was a long, slow walk.
But Harry didn't want to lose his prize.

Then he lay down in the cool grass.
I do not think Alex the goat wanted the gopher though.
He is just very curious about Harry the Farm cat.

Then Harry reveled in his gopher catching greatness.
He rested a bit and then guess what?
He went back hunting!

And he caught ANOTHER gopher!
Two gophers on the same day!
This one was even BIGGER.

He was a SUPERHUNTER wasn't he?
The publicist bought him a very special surprise at the store.

A super sized container of his favorite treats.
I think he earned them, don't you?


  1. Too bad they weren't gopher flavored... or would that have been redundant?

  2. Harry is earning his keep, for sure!

  3. Go, Harry! Save that garden! I don't think I've ever seen a gopher before - I thought they'd be bigger, maybe the size of a guinea pig.

  4. Did he still have an appetite after all those gophers. I think he must have seen that video on FB of the big bird who caught a gopher. Excellent hunting skills.

  5. Definitely earning his keep! Good work Harry!

  6. good job Harry. though he looks more like he got run over by Alex than reveling in his greatness in that one picture MOL

  7. Woo hoo! That's a huge container of yummies! Catching those gophers certainly pay well. :)

  8. Harry certainly did deserve that huge container of Temptations! Good job Harry!

  9. Bravo, Harry! What a good hunter you are.

  10. WOW, Harry!!! We are hugely impressed.
    GO FUR!!!

  11. He certainly earned it. He is a great farm cat. Too bad my human won't bring me any treats.

  12. DOUBLE gopherage!! That is some sweet hunting, and rewards!

    Well, maybe not the assaulting part.


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