Thursday, July 24, 2014

Catastic Event, Day 6: Guest Post from HHGutt from The Stunning Keisha and a Commentathon for AniMeals

Today is a very special day. For two reasons! It is the publicist's birthday and we are celebrating by having a commentathon to help out our friends at AniMeals in Missoula!  Isn't that great? We are also very lucky to have HHGutt here from the blog Stunning Keisha and she is going to share a tale of a REVOLT. I do not think they are happy with CK right now. To thank her for posting today the publicist is making a donation to A Call 4 Paws Animal Rescue.

But first Stinky the Farm cat is a little taken aback. It seems she didn't believe me when we were meowing this morning.

Stinky! It is not polite to be shocked at the publicist's advanced age. She can't help it. Do I have to remind you that you are no spring chicken yourself?

Sometimes I wonder about things around this Farm. I will try and keep Stinky in line while you enjoy the guest post.

Erm. Without further ado please welcome HH Gutt with SOS - Save Our Stuffies!

HHGutt, the author

Buenos días! I’m honored and delighted that Pricilla Presley Goat, AbbyGoat Lane and the Farm Cats invited me–HHGutt—to guest post during their hugo Catastic Event. “Stunning” Keisha is taking a siesta and couldn’t be bothered.

I’m going to fill you in on what’s going on in El Condo de Gato Guapo (The Handsome Cat’s Condo) since she censors what goes into the blog Stunning Keisha. There has been some very disturbing events commandeered by her which wound up with any and all stuffies being expulsados  or I believe you say tossed aside.

Happier times

CK has always been aggressive but she became particularly aggressive toward her Pop this year. Every opportunity she got, she’d attack him. Quite incidentally this started when I returned from Vegas. I went to live in Pop’s room which made CK insanely jealous. She’d visit him at night just to bite him and then leave. I tried to protect him but she was too fast.

HHGutt in exile

Mrs K who CK calls TW messaged CK’s vet to discuss putting CK on Prozac or some calming meds. They discussed Comfort Zone, Essential Oils and Rescue Remedy as well. TW decided to start with the least invasive one for CK. Her and Dr. D decided CK was acting out of misplaced aggression cos she was scared jealous of us stuffies.

It’s a crime the way we’ve been tossed aside and not looked at. We’re just collecting dust and dirt and no one’s cares about us. The kicker here is even though CK did get calmer for a few weeks, she up to her old tricks again. I think it’s that new pillow on the bed.

CK mocking the stuffies that have been banished from the bed

If you’re friends with CK on Facebook, Twitter or can leave a blog comment, please tell her to give amnesty to all stuffies and let us back on the beds again. She has blocked me and mis amigos Mexicano from commenting. Por favor y muchas gracías. Enjoy your day. ¡VIVA EL STUFFIES!

Notice the stuffies in the background

CK: ZZzzzzz … what the hiss just happened??

Can you believe this is going on? Such a terrible event! Be sure to stop by and give HHGutt all the support you can!

On the publicist's blog today you will find a surprise birthday giveaway of Pricilla's soap 

Now for the commentathon! To celebrate the publicist's many, many, many, many many, many,many, many ALL RIGHT ALREADY! - the publicist!

Ah hem. To celebrate the publicist's birthday we are having a commentathon for AniMeals in Missoula! For every comment made she will donate $1 to the group (up to $150) so let's make her spend her green papers, OK? One comment per ID....let's have fun!


  1. Oh my. So THAT's the reason for the revolt. We can't help but feel sorry for poor CK. It can't be nice having to compete for her Pop's attention with all the stuffies around. We vote for the stuffies to remain where they are. And Pillow should join them. Or stuffies and Pillow can teleport over here where we'll welcome you with endless biteys. :)

  2. Honestly? All three of us here think stuffies should die! And let's not even talk about the dog, who has killed or maimed a few of my human's favorite stuffies (she says there is a reason she is not a dog person). So sorry, you aren't getting any support from SoCal - but Animeals sure is!

  3. oh, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the publicist! i recently turned 51 so i'm right behind her! :)

  4. A very Happy Birthday to the Publicist and be sure to tell her she is a mere child compared to our Person. We like our stuffies here. Anyway great post. We sure did enjoy that. Take care.

  5. Whoa! What IS going on? Why didn’t The Publicist tell me if was her birthday? I would have sang to her. You know that HHGutt isn’t gonna sing to her. Happy Birthday to the Publicist. She looks so much younger than her advanced age.

  6. Happy, happy birthday to the publicist!!! We love stuffies here at this house, CK!

  7. good heavens.... and my doesn't Stinky look shocked! :)

    Happy Birthday Publicist! and best wishes and purrs for many more

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fun filled day!

  9. Have a good one! remember you will never be this young again!

  10. Love the pics of Stinky! Hope the Publicist has a wonderful birthday! ~Rascal and Rocco

  11. Happy Birthday to the Publicist!!!
    We are singing loud and strong over here!
    Can you hear???

    And Waffles is rubbing up agains the computer screen.
    ...he's got a crush on you.

    YAY for AniMeals! We hope you rack up a pile of comments!

  12. Feliz Cumpleanos Publicist! I have so enjoyed your wonderful events all week!

  13. Happy birthday to the publicist ! We didn't know that stuffies had so much to say ! We like them here, Bert the Farting Hippo is a very good friend of Pixie ! Purrs

  14. Wow, that is kind of funny! MOL! CK, I say good work kicking those stuffies out of your bed. I'm on your side!

  15. Happiest of Birthday wishes to the Publicist. Remember - 55 is the new 35 (don't we wish). Good to see Stinky up & around. She looks exactly like my cat Toby (who is about to turn 24 & just had a perfect annual physical YAH HOO!). Hopefully Stinky will have an equally long life on the farm. & she and the Publicist can share geriatric tips. Have a great weekend.

  16. Happy Birthday to the Publicist! What a wonderful way to celebrate with a commenthon!

    *deep breath*
    Mawell: Dood! Enough already! SHE can hear (but not for long if you keep THAT up...)

  18. We've got a few stuffies here...on the bed, even! But Zoey likes to lick the beejesus out of them. Sheesh. She gets them soaking wet. Good thing you don't live here, HH.

    Happy Birthday to the Publicist!!

  19. Lots of stuffiness here too. Happy Birthday to the Pulblicist x

  20. Happy Birthday a day late:) Do not like stuffies here. Now felt mice and scratchers you cant have to many of.

  21. Happy Belated birthday to the Publicist ! Sorry we didn't make it by yesterday, Mom worked late and we didn't get to visit any of our blogging friends. That is really to bad about CK. Hope that it all gets worked out so that she is less stressed and starts acting nicer to her Daddy.

  22. Hope the publicist has a wonderful birthday. It sounds like mayhem at CK's home. Perhaps you stuffies would like to relocate to a home where you're valued and wanted?

  23. A belated happy birthday to the Publist! Wow that was an incredible story that CK is experiencing! We hope the Stuffies can be accepted again with no redirected aggression!

  24. with CK as been exceptionally difficult lately. We don't mind the stuffies. It's all the other cats we could do without. We each (except for Fiona and Giulietta) would be quite happy to be single cats. Sorry to see you don't have more comments for your comment-a-thon. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  25. Happy Birfday, Publicist! The Stoopy Human was gone for a lot of yesterday and can you believe she was TOO LAZY to help me visit everyone when she got home?! Anyway, we hope the Publicist's birthday was fantabulous!

    By the way, The Human says you are a mere child Publicist! She is waaaaaaaay older'n you. Double nickels is NUFFING!

  26. Happy (x 55!!!) Birthday, late, Patty! So how is it? I'm fast approaching myself...

  27. Well crud I missed it.. but Happy Belated Birthday to the Publicist!!!! 55 is a good number :O)... I will be saying Happy BDay to 50 ... all these 5's :O) LOL

  28. We wish the publicist a very happy (and belated) birthday!!

  29. First of all, happy birthday! Secondly, the stuffies at our house are safe from our thee cats. They couldn't care less about them. Of course, my five Treeing Walker Coonhounds all think they are toys for them and keep wanting to rip out non-existent squeakers.

  30. Happy Birthday to the publicist!

  31. Happy Birthday to the publicist :)
    We like stuffies that are small that we can bat around ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  32. We suppurrt the Stuffies of course and will tell CK to relax already
    We are so happy to add our comment


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