Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Catastic Event, Day 4 - Guest Post from Sparkle Cat

We Farm cats are so honored to have Sparkle here today with a guest post. When Pricilla first started blogging, long before we Farm cats started sharing our adventures, Sparkle's blog was one of the very first the publicist started reading. Sparkle has been a mainstay in her daily life - she loves to read what Sparkle has to write.  She even got to meet Sparkle's human when she went to BlogPaws! So please welcome her today with her wise advice on how to be a blogging kitty. In honor of her post today the publicist is making a donation to Tabby's Place.

I confess: when the farm cats asked me to do a guest post for their Catastic Event, I
wracked my brain trying to decide on a topic! Then it struck me: why not just write about
what I know? So here is my topic:

How to be a successful blogging kitty!

The steps are quite simple, actually - check it out.

1.  Be cute! Of course, it is really easy when you are a kitten, like I was here, but we cats
     have automatic cute genes for our whole lives! So you will always be able to do that.

2. But always make sure you have attitude too. That is another easy one. I mean, we're
    cats! We are supposed to have attitude. And you can do it with something as simple as
    giving the Back of Disrespect.

3. Let your readers into your personal life. Yes, this even includes visits to the dreaded vet.

4. Comment lots on other kitties' blogs! This is very important, as you want to make lots
    of friends, and how will anyone know you exist if you don't make yourself known to them?

5. Join communities like the Cat Blogosphere and BlogPaws! This is another way to
    make sure other blogging kitties know about you.

6. Also share your blog posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This
     is a lot of work, so have your human do it for you.

7. If you want to be a successful cat blogger, you have to treat your blog like a business!
    Keep track of your stats with Google Analytics, create a Media kit (this can just be one
    page with your readership stats, your mission statement and a pitch about how awesome a
    kitty you are!). If you decide to work with brands, be responsible and post when you say
    you will and if you are getting paid, invoice them promptly.

8. Make sure your blog looks good! Unless your human has a background in web design
    or like my human, is pretty good at faking it, hire someone to help you. You can get
    headers from Ann of Zoolatry, or a whole blog makeover from Glogirly!
    (ED: We here on the Farm can attest that Glogirly does excellent work!)

9. This is the most important step of all: give back! The cat blogging community is a
    generous and helpful one, and we all want to pitch in and help other kitties! Even if you
    don't have much money to donate to causes, you can spread the word on your blog and
    your social media profiles when there is a rescue or special kitty in need. Word of mouth
    is really helpful, and the more successful your blog, is the more you are able to help. I am
    glad my blog does well because I feel it is an honor to be able to help save lives.
    If you follow these steps, you will be a happy and successful blogging kitty!

I don't know about all of you out there but the publicist sure appreciated these tips! She thinks they can apply to ANY blog. I know we Farm cats are going to have a sit down and we are going to meow together about how to help Pricilla make our blog better.  So THANK YOU Sparkle for offering these great tips to help everycat (and goat) be a better blogger!

Be sure to check out the publicist's blog today for a review of the SwiPets Pet Hair Removal Glove!


  1. This was very edumacational, Sparkle and Farm Cats!

    Say, Pricilla, WOuld you *really* like a Furrari ride? Cause I'm thinking that next week I might get 'er out & let 'er rip. She's never transported a goatie before ;-)

  2. Awesome blog post, Sparkle!!! We don't often get a chance to learn from a true pro with an article dedicated to blogging how-to's! And you're so sweet to give us and Ann a shout out for our design businesses! I know many readers often consider starting up a blog and this will be a huge help to them!
    : )

  3. We totally agree with Sparkle : every blogging cat at his own level can apply these advices ! And nice to meet you, Pricilla ! Purrs

  4. Excellent post! It's wonderful to visit your bloggie. We don't have any goat furriends and you'll be our first!
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Great post Sparkle. Lots of great suggestions to make all of us successful. We are sure glad when you back a poor animals that needs a home. You have helped to find many a good home. You have a great blog and we enjoy it.

  6. what a most gorgeous kitty you are! such pretty fur and eye colors!

  7. What a wonderfully informative post of how-to's, Sparkle! You're one of our blogging heroines too :)

  8. Glad to meet you, Sparkle. You are a beautiful kitty who also is a great writer with lots of great suggestions.

  9. Great tips from Sparkle. TW has been promising me a Media Kit for six months now and I have nothing. Today I blogged about the Catastic Event cos it’s so special.

  10. Great advice from Sparkle. Thanks for inviting her to guest post.

  11. Those are very helpful tips, Sparkle. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Excellent advice as always, Sparkle! We really need that blog makeover but the mom is lazy. You just can't get good help these days.

  13. Sparkle, you are a true professional and we appreciate your advice! There's lots of things we have to work on and Mommy keeps thinking she'll have time to help us work on them but, well, good thing she has other strengths.

  14. those are great tips for all of us.... :)

  15. What a beautiful cat! You have a great eye as you never seem to miss a shot.

  16. Awesome tips, Sparkle! Thanks for sharing all these important pointers. :)

  17. Great tips for all of us Sparkle! Thanks so much for having her guest post! Glad we haven't missed all of this Catastic Event!
    Marty and the Gang

  18. WOW! Sparkle AND the farm friends together in ONE spot???! It's a golden day!

  19. We have been admirers of Sparkle from the get go. We are proud to have been mentored by such an elegant and gracious as well as intelligent blogging kitty!


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