Friday, July 11, 2014

A New Treat!

The publicist brought us something new today.
It has been a long time since we had a new treat.
She said this was something called a cherry.

AbbyGoat was not sure about this red thing.
She was a little suspicious at first.

She gave it a sniff and decided that it was A-OK!
In fact she almost ate the publicist's fingers!

She wanted MORE!
Well, she's AbbyGoat!

I do not know why I had never been given one of these cherry things before and I don't know why I didn't get to try them first but better late than never as they maaaa.

I am most in favor of these cherry things.
They are very tasty!
Have you every had one?

I wanted more too!
Of course the publicist gave me more.
She spoils me.

I might have been just a little bit greedy.
But those cherry things are very addictive.

I might have licked every little bit of juice from her hand.
I will not maaaa as to whether or not the publicist counted her fingers when I was done but I will reiterate that I am a vegetarian goat and do not eat meat.

I am one lucky goat!

Yes, AbbyGoat got some more too!
She got to finish up the bowl.

Would you like to know why?

They do not know what they missed.
Silly goats!

I hope the publicist brings me more of these cherry things tomorrow.


  1. That's interesting that they weren't a unanimous hit with the goats!

  2. I don't like cherries either. I guess I am missing out - but you goats are missing out on CHICKEN!

  3. Oh NOM! Tutu would like to know when SHE gets to taste some of that yummy looking cheery.

  4. Our Person likes cherries but we have never tried them. Don't think cats would eat cherries. Pricilla, we are so glad that the publicist spoils you.Cherries are yummy. Take care.

  5. YUMMY! Cherries are so good, and good for you. Have you ever seen the TED discussion re; certain fruits and their effects on Cancer cells? Cherries ROCK.

  6. we love cherries too and have been eating them every day. the publicist even pitted them for you! wouldn't you eat the pits too?

  7. If we ever get cherries, Abby Goat, you can have them. After we're done playing with them.

  8. Mommy sez NO KIDDING. She looooooves cherries! What a treat indeed!

  9. Mommy is elebenty kinds of jellus. She loves cherries too!

  10. Did the publicist pit them for your too??? You are certainly very spoiled indeed!

  11. loves black sweet cherries. Lucky you and Abby that no one else likes them

  12. Our mommy loves cherries so she understands how you'd love them too! Nobody pits them for her around here so you are a tad bit spoilt but you deserve Pricilla!

  13. Did you make the publicist take out the little rocks in the middle? That's a lot of work. Better give her a double thanks.

  14. Our mom was wondering about the pits too, but they are clearly gone. We aren't sure if the mom would share her cherries cause she loves them too!

  15. You are lucky goats! I've been horribly neglected lately. I think I might have to demaand some treats.

  16. Abby, you are so lucky those other silly goats did not like the cherries & you got to enjoy them all to yourself.. I love cherries too & they have been extra delicious this summer. I ate a big bowl of Sweetheart cherries for breakfast this morning and you are right, they are addictive.The Publicist sure is nice to give you such a tasty treat to nom on a beautiful summer day.

  17. At least she took the pits out. MOL! TW sez they are very tasty but they don’t appeal to me in the least.


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