Friday, June 27, 2014

Without Me Around Here NOTHING Would Get Done

I sure hope that male person appreciates all the hard work I do around here.
Me - AbbyGoat!
I work, work, work all the time.

Today I was out slaving away eating weeds.
Such hard work, eating weeds.
He did not plant the herb garden this year.
I do not know why.
Maybe he wanted to plant us a week garden,

I don't know.
I just know that I was an eating machine!


If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

Am I a great weed eater or what?
Of course I am.
I am AbbyGoat!


  1. Binga wants a job eating all the treats... I get the feeling it is not the same thing.

  2. the ones thru the fence are always better, aren't they?

  3. you sure are! Something else funny, while watching, a Cottage Inn Pizza ad popped up that said "Hungry?" while I watched you munch away lol

  4. Oh Abby, what a good job you are doing eating those weeds. You sure have a great appetite. Get them all trimmed up. You all have a great day.

  5. Excellent work Abby. Wish you lived closer, I would put you to work in my yard!

  6. Abby, we are surprised you have any weeds at all! What a great job you do. We have lots of weeds, would you like to visit?

  7. You sure are a weed eating machine Abby! Wouldn't it be easier to eat the weeds on your side of the fence? What'd you hear that made you stop eating?

  8. The weed must taste much better on the other side of the fence. ;) Made us smile to see you ignore the ones on your side of the fence.

  9. Your a hard working goaty for sure girly... we all have to pull our weight on the farm! Looks like your doing a fine job!

  10. Abbygoat, you are absolutely one ferocious weed eating machine. If John Deere could make a mechanical weed eater that worked as fast as you nom, the weeds, they would make a fortune. Of course a mechanical weed eater wouldn't make all the delightful slurpy-burpy noming sounds that accompany your weed eating. Why is it that the weeds that are the hardest to reach always taste the best? I bet the Publisher & the Male Person are happy that you don't need gasoline or electricity to make the weed disappear & you produce lots of organic fertilizer too. They have the World's best weed eater & she is Abby-Powered!

  11. You look to be a ferious lavender and maybe sage eating machine. MOL! He should be paying you.

  12. OMC! You are a weed eating machine. If you ever run out of weeds at your house, AbbyGoat, you can come here and eat our weeds. ;)

  13. How rude that he fenced you away from most of those weeds.

  14. You are! They look soooo good.

  15. Oh, yes you are wonderful. NomNom!!


Maaaaaa away....


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