Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sherpa Goes Where Harry Went Before

I could not believe my goat eyes.
SHERPA the Farm cat was in the barn!

He does not usually go into the barn.
When he decides to hunt it is usually for snakes and lizards, not mousie.
The barn is Harry the Farm cat's territory.

And we all know Sherpa!

He was looking UP!
I suppose you all know where that ended erm, up?

That's right!
With one big leap.
Up into the cobwebs.

He toured all around up there.
I wonder if he thought it was like being in the yurt?

He went all the way down to the other end of the barn.
He was on high alert for mousie.

Then he started back.
He really does like being UP!

Is that a sound?
Could it be a mousie!

Or is it over there?
Those mousies are devious!

I think I will leave him to his hunting.
What do you think?


  1. Is dere a mousie in your housie? Sherpa will prolly eat if for you ;-)

  2. I hope Sherpa caught a nice, big, fat mousie!

  3. He's doing a good cleaning job on the cobwebs if nothing else.

  4. i think sherpa makes a great duster!

  5. Oh Sherpa. You are going to need a loooooong grooming session to get rid of all those cobweb on your furs!

  6. we think he is going to look like a weird mop if he keeps walking through those spider webs.... :)

  7. Hey, any cat that wants to get rid of mice is a good cat to have in the barn.

  8. It must have been Harry's day off!

  9. Did he catch any spiders and are they nommy?

  10. In this house he'd be hunting a bath with all those cobwebs! We hope his beautiful furs didn't get too dirty!

  11. After all that jumping and climbing around, Sherpa, we hope you find that mouse.

  12. He has to see what is so special about Harry's Job. I think maybe he found it!


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