Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Louise the Goat is Looking Good!

Louise the goat is really looking good.
She is going to have a kid in September but she is quite fit.

She is eating right.
Lots of green weeds and fresh grass.
Of course the publicist makes sure she eats her grain and gives her some apples now and then.

Mmmm, apples.

Louise goes out for nice walks everyday.
But what really keeps her in shape is her goat yoga.

She is remarkably limber for a goat so far along.
I am impressed. How about you?
I know I cannot move like that any longer.

I am very proud of my grandkid, Louise the goat.

I can't wait for another great grandkid to be playing on the Farm.
What do you think - buck or doe?


  1. Oh, knowing Luke (who I assume is the dad), I would say... buck!

  2. WE sure hope for a nice doe. But those goats seem to like Bucks. Have a great day.

  3. a doe would be nice, but the odds seem to be against you over there. looking good Louise!

  4. We would most definitely hope for a little doe but with Luke's track record.... ;)

  5. Oh my that was so random, I burst out in giggles!!! Luke must have been watching...

  6. i think it is time for a little girl!

  7. Since Louise is in such great shape, we think it's time she has twin does!

  8. Wow, Louise does look good. We could hardly tell that she's gonna have a kid. We'd like a buck. Just because.

  9. I say Doe! Also...wonder if my mom were to do goat yoga if it would get HER into shape? It's worth a try! Love, Cody

  10. She certainly does look fit! Glad she's taking such good care of herself.


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