Monday, June 30, 2014

I Think the Publicist is up to Something

It's true!
I would not lie.
I am an honest goat.

What makes me maaaaa this?
Every day for the last week she has brought me a bowl of apples for breakfast!

Not that I am complaining, mind you.
It is just not her usual behavior.
So I wonder what she is up to.

What do you think?
Do you think she is up to something?
I am keeping my eyes on her.

She is not giving the other goats apples.
Just ME!
I am special.

After I have them I go down to my pen and go into my goathouse.
I might or might not stop for a bite of hay.

But I will be watching the publicist.
I WILL find out what she is up to.
I am a determined goat.

But for now I will just sit and smile.
She will just not know what is behind my smile.


  1. Well, if you are getting apples, why complain, Pricilla? Do you think it is a bribe of some sort?

  2. Do you think the Publicist is also watching you and smiling, thinking, "Priscilla will just not know what is behind the daily apples?".


  3. Oh Pricilla, you are a very special goat and that is how the Publicist lets you know that you are so special. I hope you are getting a bite of hay sometime during the day. Glad you are getting apples every day. That makes us smile too. Take care.

  4. she loves you, pricilla. hands down, er, hooves down.

  5. You are a lucky, lovely, loved goat.

  6. if you were a different kind of animal I would be afraid that she was planning to eat you.

  7. apples is apples...who cares what's up ? :)

  8. MAAAAybe she is gettng another goat and is buttering you up!

    (Our mom thinks The Girl has gotten another goat, but hasn't said anything to her yet.)

  9. All those apples are working because your furs look beautiful and you look wonderful Pricilla!

  10. Maybe because she knows that they are your favorite and that they are good for you??? I do that for my Grace--I sneak her all sorts of treats when Hobbes isn't looking.

  11. Have you found any clues yet. I hear you’re her special goat so that’s why you get apples. You look so pleased.

  12. Well, now you got us wondering, Pricilla.

  13. You deserve to have your favorites, Pricilla. Your Mom is finally figuring that out, right?


Maaaaaa away....


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