Sunday, June 15, 2014

I LOVE the Weeds the Male Person Grew for Us

The male person was so nice to grow all of those tasty weeds for us.
He is back in my good graces.

The publicist brought me a nice big pile to enjoy all by myself.
None of those other goats were there to steal them from me.

They are sooooooooo good.
I ate the WHOLE pile!
I did.
I would not lie.

But I do NOT grunt like a pig!
The publicist is lying.

She claims if you turn your volume way up you will hear me doing so. (There are no annoying roosters in this movie so it is safe to turn the volume to high.)

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

To her I maaaa, "harumph!"
So what if I like my weeds!
They are very tasty.

The publicist wants to apologize for not visiting your blogs lately. She hurt her leg and cannot sit at the computer for very long. In fact Saturday was the first day since my blog started that I did not have a post on a scheduled day. She starts physical therapy for her problem today and hopefully she will be better soon.

She will try as best she can to get to visit but she can only sit for about 15- 20 minutes at a time and she pays for even that. She has to sit on a big ball. It's very funny....heh.


  1. I am sending lots of purrs to the Publicist!

  2. i wish you could come and eat my weeds! oh did the publicist hurt herself?

  3. Oh Pricilla, it is so good to see you enjoying those weeds. We sure do send many many purrs to the Publicist in hopes that her leg gets better soon. Take good care of her Pricilla.

  4. greens are good! so sorry about the publicist! bless her! (i sit on a big ball at my computer all the time - have preferred it to a chair for years).

  5. Hi Pricilla and friends- I'm getting back to blog reading. Probably won't catch up on all I missed. Hope nothing earth shattering happened. Tell the publicist I hope she gets better real soon. Maybe you should share some of the vitamins from your tasty weeds.

  6. Oh, Pricilla, our mom has lots of weeds for you! Can you teleport over? We're purring for your mom. We missed all of last week, and not because our mom was hurt. At least yours has a really good excuse! Ours is just lazy. MOL

    BTW, she made some goat milk lotion are absolutely loves it!

  7. Glogirly says she's really good at growing weeds too. But I don't think they're NEARLY as tasty as yours.
    Now if I could just get her to grow chicken.
    ; ) Katie

  8. You sure do love your weeds, Priscilla! And you waste no time in munching them down. ;)

    We're sending lots of healing purrs to your Publicist. We read about it on her FB and it sounds awfully uncomfortable. We hope the therapy helps and she'll feel better fairly soon.

  9. So sorry your human is hurting. That really is a great pile of weeds!

  10. Pricilla, I think the pigs grunt are hugely exaggerated. Seriously. You sure made quick work of those weeds. I sending more of those healing purrz to the Publicist.

  11. MOwzers, we say that's just roughage. You need your fiber after all, right???

    And we send the Publicist all our healing purrs to go along with the PT. We're so very sorry that she's injured. Our mom's approaching the 1 yr anniversary of her neck injury - which was followed by 6 months of PT, so she sends you ALL her sympathy!!

  12. You look like Sweet Pea around fresh grass!

    Mommy says one word: yoga.

  13. oh no! hope the publicist is feeling better :) and your greens look so tasty! I have quite a lot of greens in my yard, and could use a little extra help in minimizing some of that greenery LOL

  14. We've got some weeds here...the mom is always pulling them out and throwing them away. We're purring for the publicist and hope her leg feels better soon.


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