Monday, June 16, 2014

I am King of the Yurt

I decided to take a tour of my realm.
It's what any good King does on a regular basis.

I get the best view from up here.
I can watch the minions and make sure they are ready to serve.

I think I will take a stroll.
Would you like to come along with me?
The publicist says I should dust while I am up here.
She says it is the least I could do.

Kings do not dust!

Kings look regal.
I am very good at that.

Kings go where they choose when they choose.
I am very good at that.

Kings meow, "talk to the paw!"
I am very good at that.

Kings do what...TREATS?
Did someone say TREATS?

I'll be right there minion!

I do like treats!
Do you have them ready for me?

OK - here I come!
It's good to be King!


  1. King? KING? Why, there's a fellow royal living right in Montana (or someplace like that, right???) and I did not know? My my my. A King goes where he wishes and he NEVER dusts, except accidentally. Your treats should be served on china. I hope your staff knows that.

  2. What WE want to know is why we don't live in a yurt! Those walls are EXCELLENT.

  3. We saw a dozen yurts on our hike, but we did not get to check to see if each had a king.

  4. you certainly live up to your name, loving the high places!

  5. Sherpa, you do make a great King. Looks like you got everything covered and taken care of, for sure. Hope the treats were forthcoming. Have a good day.

  6. How fun to be able to walk up there!! That yurt is a kitty playground.

  7. We need a yurt on our island so we can be kings of it!


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