Sunday, June 8, 2014

I am a FARM Cat

That means I have a LOT of important jobs.
Most important is catching mousies but you see me do that all the time.
I want to show you some of my other jobs today.

One of the biggest, most important things I do after catching mousies and gophers is help the male person.
I know how much he appreciates my help.
Especially in the garden.

He needs a LOT of help when he is trying to get the garden in every year.
This year he is a little behind so I am helping extra hard.
Here I am showing him where to did the hole to plant the seed.

"I think you need to dig a little deeper male person."
"Do you want me to dig for you?"

"I'm more than happy to do the digging for you. I'm an expert digger."
(I don't need some silly tool either. I just use my sharp claws. Humans!)

"Wait! Do I hear a gopher?!"
I think I'll go did for a gopher!

For some reason the male person thinks I should help the publicist now.
He's really yelling for her to come get my help. I must do a good job!
I have no idea why he wants me to leave then but I'll go wherever my Farm cat skills are needed.
He is paying me with pets so that is not a bad thing at all.

I wonder what the publicist will have me do......?


  1. Oh...we help OUR Daddy in MUCH the same way! Mommy is always coming to take us away for some praise...

  2. I bet the male human really loves all your help - especially the catching gophers part!

  3. Pets? Pets are fine, of course, but really: Pets are not PAY. TREATS are pay. You still have some edumacatin' to do with him.

  4. What a big helper you are! I'll bet he really appreciates you when you keep the vermin out of the garden.

    Do you catch moles? Do they only come out at night? Or do they not come out at all? We had one last year and could not figure out how to get rid of the darn thing.

  5. i love this! harry, i'd take your help (and your mousie catching) in a heartbeat!

  6. whatever it is, I am sure you will be a HUGE help! MOL!

  7. You are such a huge help, Harry! Maybe your Publicist needs help baking? :D

  8. You probably helped him so much that he was all done with his work so that's why he thought the publicist might need some help. There was no way he could have planted his garden without you Harry!

  9. how will he get along without you Harry?? you are a good farm cat....we know the publicist will have something you can help with.

  10. You can come catch moles at our farm anytime you run out of work at your farm! We have lots of them here sighhhh... I am sure the male person was just being generous sharing you with the publicist. I mean all that hard work you do, its just to much to give it all to one person :O)... tee hee.

  11. that male person is such a cat magnet!

  12. You are not just a farm are a hard working farm cat.

  13. You are doing an AMAZING job helping the Male Person. You’re all over him, I mean it.

  14. We are sooooo envious of the fact you can feel REAL Dirt under your paws. We'd totally dig for the human man if he let us out!!!


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