Thursday, June 5, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa is Hard at Work

Sherpa here!
I really must meow that I am one hard working Farm cat.
In fact, I think I am the ONLY hard working Farm cat around this place.

I am here blogging away to tell you about a BIG EXCITING CATASTIC EVENT and where are the other Farm cats? Well, I'll meow you where!

They are sleeping!
When there is so much work to be done.

Srsly Harry. Can you not even open one eye to help me-out here? Too much time chasing mousies?
And Stinky? Exactly what is it YOU do all day?

It seems to me NAPPING is what you do all day.

I have a big meow-ncement. It concerns all of us.
We will ALL have to work.
It's for a Good Cause!

At least Pumpkin is awake.
Are you ready to work, Pumpkin?

How about you Harry?

Good heavens.
I guess I am going to have to do all the meowing myself.

So here goes!
I am very happy to announce...

 The Catastic Event!
What is it you ask?
It is a week long celebration on our blog and the publicist's blog.
It will take place from July 21 - 25 and there will be reviews and giveways of great cat products.
There will be giveways for your favorite shelter.
We will have guest posts from Famous Blogging Cats.

AND we will be fundraising for our favorite shelter, AniMeals in Missoula, MT.
The Event ends on the publicist's birthday where we will have a commentathon.

As it gets closer I will meow to you all of the great companies participating.
Are you excited?

If you are a Famous Blogging Cat and would like to join in the fun just let ME know because the other Farm cats are likely to be asleep.  If you have a cat related product and would like to be featured you can contact the publicist for information (kaiminani at gmail dot com)  and scheduling but get to her quickly because from what she tells me it's filling up fast!

I think after all that hard work I deserve a nap myself.

What? What is wrong with how I sleep?
Why is everyone laughing?


  1. How exciting! And you know, Sherpa, your event BEGINS on my human's birthday! So I should probably make her pitch in and help somehow.

    1. I am happy to hear that Sparkle. The publicist has been very far behind. I have motivate her to write to my blogging friends.

  2. sherpa, i just want to rub that BELLY!!! thanks for being such a good announcer!

  3. That sounds like a fantastic event! We think you had better catch up on as much as sleep as possible because you're going to be very very busy!

  4. These pictures are precious!! Blessings, Catherine

  5. good job deserve a nap after that. good help is so hard to find. :)

  6. Sherpa, we're not laughing, we're swooning! We can't wait for this big event! We think we'll be writing a post for it although we're not sure we're very famous so we'll figure out the details soon though. Now we need to take a nap too!

  7. It's hard work, being a kitteh. Be sure to take lots of naps. :)

  8. OMC! All these great giveaways on all of these blogs and all that work … zzzzzzZZZZZZZ …

  9. Sherpa, we're all on pins and needles, waiting for the BIG EVENT!! That is, if pins and needles means napping...

  10. This sure sounds like fun! We can't wait!!

  11. This is VERY cool! If you still have room, Truffles would love to be involved! Email us :)


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