Thursday, June 12, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Look At What We Got. Look. Look!

We Farm cats are very spoiled.
I admit that.
Look what I got in the mail from the very nice Georgia at Peach Industries

a booooootiful new cover my lounger.
Now the publicist says it will always be available for me to lounge upon.
Previously when she washed the cover there were a couple of hours WHEN I COULD NOT USE IT!

That was not fair.
What if I wanted to lounge?

What was I to do?
A cat should be able to lounge any time he wants.
I think this lovely Amethyst color is just perfect with my black and white furs.

But there is a problem.
Some other cat thinks the lovely Amethyst color is just perfect with his furs.

You guessed it!
Sherpa the Farm cat!

He has taken it over.
He thinks he is some kind of LoungerModelCat.

It is MY lounger!
You got that buddy?

If you have not checked out these great cat loungers you should. You will have a chance to win one for you and one for your favorite shelter during the Catastic Event in July.


  1. Ours came with the amethyst cover and we bought the pixie as backup for the exact same reason!!!

  2. haha!!!! GREEEEEAAAT photos!!!
    I especially love the part about the two hours you couldn't lounge. haha!

  3. Um, maybe the Publicist needs to, you know, purchase a SECOND lounger? Because, really, why should anykitty have to share?

  4. Well then, the solution to this little pickle would be for the Publicist to get you ANOTHER Lounger!

  5. It looks to me like there should be two loungers, and FOUR covers!

  6. really nice lounger and new topper for it! like a hammock under a palm tree! :)

  7. Yeah...another lounger sounds like the solution....good luck!

  8. We also vote for a second lounger. They do look very comfy. Have a great day.

  9. I would love to have another lounger. My problem is lack of floor space....
    ~the publicist

  10. Oohh! That looks like a purrfect lounger.

  11. we got one and LURV it...though mom may have to suck it up and buy another cover so she can switch them out for laundry day

  12. There's only one solution--a second lounge!

  13. We think you need another lounger!

  14. Maybe the goaties would enjoy a nice lounger too--unless they'd make it into a snack. Hmmmm.

  15. I vote for the black and white on the purple. It works. Or—here’s a radical idea—you should both have your own!


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