Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wordy Wednesday - I Have Been Immortalized by Famous Artist BZTAT

I was wrong! I was wrong!
The publicist DID bring me home a present from BlogPaws!
She won the most wonderful prize.

I should have known she would not forget me while she was gone.
I should have known.
She LOVES me!

There was a BRILLIANT artist there - BZTAT and she was giving away digital artwork. When the publicist won instead of picking one of the Farm cats to immortalize SHE CHOSE ME!

Isn't it beautiful!
I just love it! I wish I could hang it in my goat house but the publicist says that I would probably just eat it if she printed it off. She is probably right. I do like a nice snack. BURP.

The publicist is thrilled too.
She couldn't believe she had won such a wonderful prize.

If you would like to have your pet painted by a famous artist you can contact BZTAT on her website or find her on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.

I am now even more famous than I was before, aren't I.
Thank you BZTAT for making me look so young and beautiful.
I AM a Happy Goat.


  1. Aww, of COURSE the Publicist loves you!! That is a fan-tas-tic present, and it will last LOOOOOONG after the kitty treats are gone, too. I wouldn't worry about Waffles--what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It was a weekend fling and she tossed him away like a used Kleenex when she boarded the plane to come home to YOU. XOXOXOX

  2. She really, really does love you! That is fantastic!

  3. How awesome, Pricilla! BZTAT is a fantastic artist and my human watched her do some really amazing things with just an iPad and apps. She is SO talented!

  4. Oh Pricilla, that is such a nice painting of you. Yay for the publicist for getting your picture done but it just the way it should be. You are the Queen of the farm. That is just perfect. Hope all of you have a great day.

  5. Everybody loves you, Pricilla. That is a fabulous prize!

  6. Oh Priscilla, my MomLinda did not know your staff was at BP...she would have searched her out! Hope your staff can go to Mashville as Mom L is already registered

  7. Priscilla, that is a beautiful portrait of you! And what a nice present from your mom. Did you see our goat? The most recent post with his picture is: http://twinkletoetails.blogspot.com/2014/05/thankful-thursday.html

    The mom hopes to see him this weekend when The Girl graduates from collich.

  8. Hi, Priscilla and family! We are stopping by from our furiend Sparkle's blog today. We thought we'd come by and introduce ourselves and meet you. We've never had any goat furiends before!!! That is one super cool portrait of you. We love it! So neat that your publicist won a prize. Anyway, nice to meet you!!! --Delilah, Sampson, Sophie, Sassy, Caster, and Mom Emily

  9. BZTAT’s cat BrewskieButt was one of my first Twitter furrends. She does pawsome work and that portrait of you is the best, Pricilla! I’m glad your Publicist got to go and wishes she’ll go to Nashville cos TW promises me she’ll be there.

  10. Um....we don't know where the comment we just left went. Did you eat it, Priscilla??

    That's a gorgeous picture of you.

  11. You do have a jaunty look, there!

  12. That's a beautiful portrait of you Pricilla! Our mommy didn't see BZ TAT's work at BlogPaws but she wishes she had. Concats to the Publicist for winning!

  13. I came back to see the picture again. Yep, it is just as great as I remembered! XOXOXO

  14. The mom says when Kahn MAAHED he was sure loud! You could hear him all over the farm!


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