Friday, May 9, 2014

While the Publicist is Away....

The publicist is away.
She has abandoned us to go to BlogPaws.
(I don't know why it is not BlogHooves)
She has left the male person to take care of us.
As if!
He's nice and all but he just doesn't take care of us like the publicist does.
So I am on strike.

I am going to just sit and do nothing until she gets back.
What do you think?

I do not think he will notice me here anyway.
I am hiding.
With my brown furs I blend in.

And the weed tree gives me cover.
He'll never know I"m here.


  1. You are pretty well hidden Pricilla. Maybe you should give the male person a break and maybe he will give you a special treat. I bet the publicist will be home really soon. Take care.

  2. We bet the male person will find you no matter what Pricilla! We know you'll all be very happy to see the publicist tomorrow although maybe not as happy as the male person will! :)

  3. oh, pricilla, you are so cute!

  4. You have done a very good job of hiding. The shadows help.

  5. Your brownish furs do camouflage you very nicely in the hay Pricilla, but I think you may be over-estimate the ability of the weed tree to provide a hidey spot.I see you have some nice sunny weather to enjoy while you are on strike. The Publicist will be returning home very soon. I bet she will have all kinds of stories to share from Blogpaws. Until then, be nice to the Male Person for taking good care of you wile the Publicist was gone &happy striking Pricilla.

  6. Aw, poor Pricilla. TW didn’t desert me.

  7. Well, he prolly won't let you starve or anything, but I don't think he'll go out and pick grass for you like the Publicist did on that really hot day. Also, I wouldn't hide tooooooo much 'cause you don't want him to forget you're there and not bring you any treats.

  8. I heard about Blog Paws. My hoomin wanted to go, but she is a little bit skeered of airplanes. So maybe she will go another year. :)


Maaaaaa away....


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