Sunday, May 18, 2014

What Do You Think?

Hey readers.
Come here!

I've got something to maaaa at you.
I hope you don't mind.
I might be a bit chatty today.

There has been much discussion about numbers and Facebook and how discouraging it is getting to blog.
My furry good friend Sparkle is feeling like she might want to stop blogging. I can understand this.

Believe it or not, I get tired of blogging now and then maaa-self.
It's true! I would not lie.
I admaaa-t that sometimes it is hard for me to figure out what to maaa to all of you.
But then those silly Farm cats come along and do something to hog the spotlight.

Yes, like that.
I guess it is good they are here to help me when I am tired.
I am after all, an old goat.

All of us animal bloggers are mad at Facebook.
It has made it so that anything we have to maaaa or meow or bark or say is not heard any more unless we spend green papers and that is wrong. It's not like little blogs like ours make a lot of green papers. All I maaaa is the goings on around the Farm.

So I don't know.
Do you like what I have to maaa?
Do you read what I maaa on the publicist's Facebook page?

I will keep maaaing for now 'cause I am still enjoying it but it would be nice to know I am maaaing what you want to hear.
If there is anything more I can do, please let me know.
If there is anything you want me to do differently please let me know.
If you would like to see more of the Farm cats let me know.
If you would like to see less of the Farm cats let me know.

Just let me know and I'll try and maaaa to you the best blog I can.
If you have not visited Sparkle's blog do so. She is very smart - for a cat.


  1. I love hearing you maaaa, Pricilla! And I love the Farm Cats too (of course) - I wish there were more days of the week so I could see more of them AND you! I enjoy hearing about all the goings on at the farm, and so does my human because she is a lifelong city girl and she never gets a chance to see the cool life you have in such beautiful country!

    Thanks so much for giving my blog a shout-out. I don't care much about things like blog traffic, but it certainly does seem to be something my human obsesses over!

  2. Pricilla, I would be SO SO SO sad if you stopped Maa-ing. I like to hear whatever it is you have to maa about, whether it's about you or the other Goaties or the FarmCats or even the Publicist. Please don't stop! We are getting all stressed out today reading some of our favorites talk about quitting. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  3. This is the conclusion I've reached: keep the blog. Dump Facebook.

    Pricilla, I'd miss you and the gang if you stopped blogging. You (and Sparkle, I have to say) are my daily break from my own life. I rely on you guys to make other people's words shine.

  4. Oh Pricilla, you cannot stop Maaaa-ing at us. Our day would be horrible without. I also vote for dropping Facebook and to keep on blogging. That would be silly to pay Facebook to Maaaa something. Don't you dare go away Pricilla. Your blog is terrific and makes lots of people smile. Take care.

  5. i don't do faceback and i have to admit, it is hard to keep blogging when so few comment but i read yours every day!!!

  6. I read you on FB! I don't blog any more and seeing the post on FB is how I remember to come over and see what is going on.

  7. We love Sparkle and we just found you, and we think you are doing a great job!!

  8. i don't face, tweet, pin or insta anything. i only blog. so i like what you blog. and i LOVE the farm cats. and the stupid roosters. and the kids. and the treets. and...

  9. Helllooooo, Mrs Pricilla! We reely enjoy reading what you have to maaaa. We come by efurry day, but we hardly efur comment. We will try to remember to comment so you kno we came by. We love to see the baby goats and to learn about all of you and what things the Publicist does too. And we like to see the farm cats too. Please don't stop maaa-ing to us!

    lots of love & hugs & purrs,
    Buddy & Jazzy

  10. Please don't go away....your blog is one of the first I read every morning! Even if it just silly pictures of the farm cats I NEED your posting. I prefer to follow your blog, I don't go on facebook but maybe once a day just to catch up with if you don't need fb, keep your blog, we need YOU! (Oh and yeah I follow your publicist...she's ok, but you are who I really love to read about!)

  11. I'm not even registered on Facebook and don't want to be. I love reading your blog everyday in my RSS Feeds. I know of 2 other blogs that went solely to Facebook and sadly I don't read them anymore because I don't want a Facebook account. Please don't go away!

  12. Whoa! You guys are the best. Your Publicist is one of the few who actually show up in my FB timeline so sometimes I come over from there. FB isn’t being very nice to cats. They take away our accounts. TW has had to make a human cartoon for me to fool them! As you know, I met you through your Etsy shop. TW ordered some soap then lost her password. I had to come here to thank you and fell you love with your goat ways. It’s funny how everybuddy came back from Blogpaws conference wanting to stop blogging.

  13. Keep Maaa-ing Pricilla. We would miss you if you were gone. Doesn't matter what is going on over there at the Farm, we love reading about it.

  14. We love hearing you maa about life at the Happy Goats and Cats Farm! We wouldn't know what to do if we didn't hear you maa'ing about what's going on up there! We'd like to hear more about caring for you and the other goats like the hoof thingy and other stuffs that we don't understand since we don't have hooves.

  15. Keep maaa'ing, Pricilla! There aren't any other goats out there like you! And don't worry about not having anything to maaa about...just seeing some pics is good enough for us. :)

    As for Facebook....pffffffffffftttttttt!

  16. We just found you too Pricilla. We read that Sparkle's human is disgusted with FB as are a lot of folks and also unhappy about her blog statistics. We hope that it all works out. We've decided to do what we can and are tweeting and FB'ing links out. Maybe if we all did this a little we can beat FB at it's own game.

  17. We didn't know about you until BlogPaws so we have only just found you! We like your pictures and honestly the woman is quite fond of goats and wants one (but we don't have the space here).

  18. Pricilla, me and my ape think that you rock! Don't stop blogging, we only just found you. My ape doesn't like Facebook for lots of reasons, mainly the way they allow people to post horrid stuff involving cruelty to animals and people. Blogging is a much more genteel activity, much more suited to a venerable goat such as yourself.

    Luff Mungo

  19. Well first things've got a GREAT smile, Pricilla. Love your photos today!

    And we LOVE your blog. Like Sparkle, we're city kitties so it's really fun to read about and see photos of you, the other goats and the farm cats. We don't think you should change a thing! of Glogirly's favorite things to read about (and see your great videos & photos of) are the kids. She says those little ones are some of the cutest baby animals EVER.


  20. You are one of my very best goat friends. Since I can't travel, I really like coming to visit you here. My stinking human hasn't had time to let me blog in ages. :-(

  21. Hello, my dear. My, you are still looking lovely today--you know, Goaties are *almost* as cute as Kitties--wait, I didn't really say that, did I?

  22. I read your blog everyday. I don't do Facebook. I also go to the publicist's blog too. I love hearing what you goats are up to. Even if you think it is nothing special, to see your goat faces and that crazy kid Alex or whomever, brings a smile to my face. Love Farm Cat Fridays or whenever there is an important Cat topic. (Even the 'mousie brains'... ew.)


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