Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Publicist is Home!

We are of course, happy to see her.
Not that we are going to let her know.
We are a touch annoyed she left us with the male person as you know.

We are giving her our backs.
We will be nice to her again tomorrow.

I am sure she will tell us all about the FUN she had while she was away.
How she can even have fun without us is beyond me.


  1. My human enjoyed meeting the Publicist in person! It was one the highlights of BlogPaws for her because she knows how hard it is for her to take time away from you goats.

  2. We know the publicist had a good time at Blog Paws and we can't wait to hear all about it. Pricilla, it looks like that darn undercoat is finally coming out. Guess you wish it would hurry up.
    Take care and have a great day.

  3. Maybe she learned things that will be nice for you goaties later, Pricilla- better turn around.

  4. Word is the publicist was sleeping with another CAT.
    You'd better check her bags closely.
    Just sayin'

  5. How can she have fun without you? You, Pricilla, are the center of her life. She’s actually gonna brag about it to you? How rude!

  6. Pricilla, just wait until you find out who she talked to about something for your furs! :) Our mommy enjoyed meeting the publicist and flying all the way to Vegas with her too!

  7. Did you have fun, Patty??! I was thinking about you all week and hoping that you had a good time. I'll bet it was nice to be with all those bloggers and comparing notes and stuff. I'm glad you went.

  8. The Back of Discontent. Ah yes, we know that well. MOL!!


Maaaaaa away....


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