Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Can't Believe My Eyes!

I am a very mellow goat.
I try not to bother any creature around this Farm.
OK - I have been know to butt a Farm cat.
But they should not get so close to me.
I am a goat.
I am a prey animal.
They look like little mountain lions.

Especially that Sherpa!
Look at him.
You can see it in his eyes - he is ON THE HUNT.
Is he coming after me?

I can't believe my eyes!
He was not hunting me.
He is hunting something I love!

He was hunting my tasty grass!
How dare he!
You don't believe me?

Here is a close up of his chomp!
I guess it is better than his eating me....


  1. Norty Sherpa, taking Pricilla's grass. Hopefully he didn't take too much and left some for you Pricilla. Take care and have a super day.

  2. It sure is better than him eating you!!! There is a enough grass to share though!

  3. I think there is probably enough grass to share. You can be a nicegoat.

  4. Sherpa knows that tasty grass makes excellent barfs.

  5. those farm cats may be predators, but we suspect their pick their prey based on may be a little out of their range MOL

  6. This may come as a shock but cats like grass just as much as goats. You gotta share wif us.

  7. Sherpa must be the vegetarian in the family since Harry eats mousie brains instead of grass.

  8. you aren't scared of the cat, are you, Sherpa??? The worst part of them eating the grass is that it comes back up later. On the rug. :(


Maaaaaa away....


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