Friday, May 2, 2014

I am the Publicist's Favorite Goat - Don't Tell Abby

The publicist loves me.
It's true!
I would not lie.
In fact, I am her FAVORITE goat.

How do I know this.
It was very, very hot and she was worried about me.
It's too early to be so hot and I have not shed all of my underfurs.
I was panting.

So yesterday morning she brought me a WHOLE apple.
Just for me.
I did not have to share!

I gobbled it down - and I don't care what she thinks. I do NOT sound like a piggie!

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

It was verrrrrry tasty all mixed in with my yummy minerals.
I enjoyed it very much.

I went over to thank the publicist.
And guess what!?!

She gave me a big scratch on my tail!
She is so good to me.
And it only got BETTER.

How you ask?
The publicist went out and picked me some tasty, fresh grass.
I was so tired from the heat I did not want to go grazing so she did it for me.
I am such a lucky goat.

Then she set up my water and hay RIGHT BY my goathouse.
I am her favorite goat.
What else could all of this mean?
I am going to take a nap now.


  1. Well, Pricilla, I do think you've earned all that good service!

  2. Sorry Pricilla that it got too hot too soon for you. We are sooooo glad that you have that nice publicist there to take special care of you That apple sure looked yummy. You did make short work out of that one. Hope things cool off a little bit for you. Take care and you are our favorite goat too.

  3. Yes I would say the publicist loves you very very much. You are much like my Cubey, you girls are getting up there in age and we have to take special care of you. :O)

  4. You really must be her favorite to get that kind of royal treatment! I wish my human would bring me a tasty apple.

  5. awwww...that publicist sure knows how to spoil you! i had no idea you were so hot out there already!

  6. you certainly ARE her favorite goat!!! As it should be!!

  7. You deserve all that personal treatment Pricilla! We know you're her favorite goat but we totally understand why.

  8. Pricilla, You are Queen of the Goats, so of course the publicist likes to serve you. Yes, I am sure you are her favorite and I know she will be glad when the weather cools off so you can be more comfortables. But in the meantime, she is really providing stellar service.

  9. Poor Pricilla. I hope this summer isn’t overly hot for you but you did get some yummy treats. You are her favorite for sure.

  10. You are a lucky, lucky goat, and a nap is a perfect thing to do next.


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