Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Crazy Roosters

To see what has the roosters all stirred up go to the publicist's blog. She would appreciate any comments or shares on the post. She promised a nice scratch on the butt for writing this.

PS - dear Carolina Cats, the publicist tried emailing you but it came back with the mailer daemon. Would you mind emailing her at kaiminani at gmail dot com with your address so she can send you your prize?


  1. Honestly, I dunno how you kittehs put up with these wacky roosters.

  2. Our mom thinks roosters are very handsome but - shhhh . . .she is scart of their claws and beaks. The ones she knew didn't have very nice tempers either.

  3. Leap rooster? It could be fun . . .

  4. Hi, sorry about the problem wif the email, not sure why your email got returned. Sending now from finnegan_cat at hotmail.

    Ant Marjie sez thanks for the post about Tractor Supply. She gets her horsey food there but din't know about the big party!


  5. You better get lots of butt scratching for this.

  6. I never heard of that store cos we don’t have them or farm animals in da hood, except in stores. Unfortunately, we do have cock fights up here though.

  7. I LOVED the Purina Days post on Broken TeePee!!!
    Can't decide what I like the most... the conga line of chickens or Luke with his butt-balloons! haha!!!

  8. Oh... and I learned that you don't have to live in the country to find one of these stores! We live in downtown Minneapolis and there's one only about 20 minutes away.


Maaaaaa away....


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