Friday, April 25, 2014

The Sun, The Sun - At Least We THINK it Was the Sun

Is the sun a big yellow ball in the sky?
We are no longer sure.
We have not seen it in so long we have forgotten what it is.
We THINK it was out today.
We do know it was a nice day and we got to go out grazing.

Thelma really enjoyed herself.
She needs to eat the green grass - she has to keep making that rich milk to feed Alex.

Alex is growing big and strong on her milk and the delicious grass and weeds.
He is learning to be somewhat self-sufficient.

But he can still be a pain in the tchukes.
Just ask the publicist.
He is always butting her and jumping on her.

I don't think she REALLY minds....


  1. Well, he is still little - when he starts getting bigger, she may mind some!

  2. Aw, the goaties had a happy day on the range ;-) Did Alex fly again today?

    1. He did. Wait 'til you see the picture!

  3. That grass does look yummy. Alex, guess you are still being a norty boy. Better leave that publicist alone or you might find yourself in real trouble. But you sure are cute.

  4. kinda like squirrels - good thing they're CUTE! :)

  5. Thelma and Alexa are heartwarming and beautiful!!! Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  6. She will mind when he weighs 25 pounds more! Then Alex the flying goat will need to mind his manners.

  7. you can have my big bright ball in the sky. it is 75 and sunny and i am not happy!

  8. Alex is sure a cutie! He wasn’t the one who gave her all those bruises, was he?

    Thank you for the Get Well wishes. I’m hoping that this asthma is history for this year.

  9. We saw the Publicist's arm picture on Facebook. What silly thing did she do to cause one of you to do that, purely in self-defense I am sure.

  10. Glad you've had some sunshine! We're in the midst of rain that makes my old bones ache.


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