Monday, April 14, 2014

Rhumba Time

Yesterday was the male person's birthday but it seems it was Luke the goat that got the present.
What am I maaaaaing about you ask?

Louise the goat wanted to dance the goat rhumba with him.

And so she did.
It appears we will have September kids.
Won't that be fun?

Luke the goat was one happy boy.
He was pleased to have a visitor to his pen.

I'm not sure WHAT Louise the goat was thinking.
You wonder why I maaa that, don't you?
Well, just look at this:

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

I am pretty sure that was NOT a thank you.
What do YOU think it was?


  1. I love how Luke looks completely confused at Louise's temper tantrum... just like a human male!

  2. Mommy is laughing her socks off...she says that's pretty typical for SOME wimmens!

  3. Hahahaha. That was quite some "thank you" from Louise. MOL!

  4. Too funny. Actually the Person has known horses that will be mean as the dickens after the Rhumba. Who can figure out animals. It is a whole different language. Take care.

  5. hahaha....maybe luke needs to brush up on his for-rhumba!

  6. Reactions are sometimes inexplicable!

  7. Luke was like "what the heck is her problem?"!

  8. What? Did he roll over and go to sleep afterward? HAH!

  9. Ah Springtime, when a lady-goats fancy turns to..... well, shacking up with Luke for a little rumba rumba. I am guessing that goats are not geniuses when it comes to understanding cause & effect, because in about 5 months when Louise goes into labor & her bundle of joy arrives, she will probably be the first goat to maw "Now how did that happen"? Oh well, hormones are crazy things & fall is as good a time to have a new kid as any. I'm sure Luke was happy to help Louise out.


Maaaaaa away....


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