Friday, April 4, 2014

Post Redux - How Sherpa Came to Be on the Farm

The publicist is not feeling well so I am re-running a post today. It's the tale of how Sherpa came to be on the Farm. I hope you enjoy this tale. We have a new Farm cat! 

 The publicist is having some difficulties in coming up with a name for this little cutie. He was a complete surprise from the male person. You can read all about it here. It is a bit of a sad story because we are also saying goodbye to Farm Cat Fred.
The publicist is very sad about Fred. He was her favorite cat.

But the male person is a great guy and now we have a new Farm Cat or maybe I should say Farm Kitten. Isn't he cute?

I asked him a few questions so you could learn all about him.

So, where did you come from?

I was living in the shelter in Missoula. I am very happy to be in a nice house now where people play with me and I have plenty to eat and there are other cats to play with me. The other cats aren't friendly yet but I think they will be.

How did you spend your first night on the Farm?

Well, I did some exploring in my new home. I learned where the litter box is - this is very important! I learned where the food bowls are. Also very important! And I played with the publicist's plant. 

What do you expect to do on the Farm?

I think I will play and eat and sleep.

And at the point the little kitten did fall asleep.

I guess it has been an exciting couple of days for the little guy.  The publicist would like any suggestions for names. She might not use them but she is always open to suggestion.

As you all know he came to be Sherpa the Farm cat for his fondness for climbing - the walls, the publicist, the male person, just about anything. He is a very big part of the Farm.


  1. squeeeeeeee!!!!!! Mommy just about PASSED OUT from the cute little ornjness...

    Purrs to the Publicist!

  2. I love these baby photos of Sherpa! When I first starting visiting your blog, he was still a youngster.

  3. We didn't know the story of how Sherpa joined the Farm so thank you for sharing his story today! What a cute floofy little orange baby he was!

  4. I didn't know this story either and it is a good one. What a great person the Male person is to bring home that bundle of orangeness. He was soooooooooo cute. Glad you told this story again. Hope the Publicist feels better soon.

  5. oh, baby sherpa sure was cute!

    get to feeling better!!

  6. I well remember when you first posted this. He was such a cutie and look at him now!

    Best wishes for the publicist to get feeling better soon.

  7. We remember baby Sherpa! What a cutie pie! We're sending purrs for the publicist to get well soon!

  8. I think you should name him … wait for it … Sherpa!! Oh, wait, you did. He was such a cute kitty.

  9. what a cute little fella that grew up to be a handsome dude!

  10. Oh my goodness! No wonder the Male Person chose him--could there BE any kitten cuter than Baby Sherpa?? We say NO!

  11. Awwww. Seems like yesterday! Hard to believe he was once that small. :)

    (I love baby photos!)

  12. He was such a cute kitten and has turned out to be a very handsome adult cat. Always enjoy posts about Sherpa.

  13. This was before my reading debut. I am happy to hear how Sherpa came to the farm.

  14. We sure did love reading about Sherpa' debut but we're sorry it's cuz the publicist is under the weather :-(


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