Friday, April 11, 2014

Little Alex is Really Trying to Be a ToughBuck

Even though he really isn't a buck any more.
But that does not seem to matter to him.
Oh no!

He and Bernadette the goat having been battling it out!
He does not seem to realize he is MUCH smaller.

He does not seem to care when she does the goat stomp at him!
He just stands his ground and he butt her.
With his little tiny head.

And then HE does the goat stomp!
Which is pretty funny for a 6 week old goatling.
And he isn't stopping with Bernadette.
Oh no!
He is also challenging other goats on the Farm.

I do not see this ending well.
Do you?


  1. Alex has some balls! Oh, wait a minute....

  2. Oh now he has met his match. Luke will show him a thing or two, that silly young kid. Good girl Bernadette for trying to warn him off. Those are great pictures. Take care.

  3. oh, no! even with luke behind a fence...

  4. Uh oh... do you think he will learn a lesson, or be top not-a-buck?

  5. He is a pawful, that’s for sure. I see he’s getting teeny tiny horns!

  6. Only 6 weeks old & Alex sure isn't lacking in confidence or enthusiasm, but he sure could use some common sense. If Daddy Luke decides it might be a good idea to teach his youngest son, Alex, a little lesson in humility, Luke might be able to give a pretty good head butt right through the wire fence. Even a tiny nudge from Luke could earn Alex the distinction of being the farm's 1st flying kid goat. I really hope Alex soon grows out of his need to prove to all the goats that he is the best new thing since Beredette. Sure hope the Publicist doesn't see a mawwwing black & white ball of fur flying through the air anytime soon.

  7. He is too cute! He should be a lover not a fighter...oh, well, not THAT kind of lover. Some kid hasn't got too much sense, eh?


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