Thursday, April 3, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Stubby Stops By

Stubby the Farm cat is a roamer.
He comes.
He goes.
He comes again.
The publicist says he has another home.
But he always comes back here and visits.

He popped in the other night and stayed a couple of days.
I suspect he likes the food.
And the attention.

He came in and went to sleep on the clean laundry.
He looks quite comfy, doesn't he?
The publicist said it made it hard to sort her socks.

So she gave up and she sat down.
So he moved into her lap!
That Stubby knows how to sleep!

"What? A roamin' cat has a busy day. I need my naps," meowed Stubby
"I go hither.
I go yon.
It takes a lot of energy.

So I nap.
What is WRONG with that?"
In fact it's time for another one.

But first a bath.
A cat needs to be clean.
"I have the life"

I would have to agree with him.
Stubby has it made.
He is a happy cat.

The same can not be said for ALL of the Farm cats.....


  1. Sherpa, is that Stubby intruding on your turf?

  2. Stubby, you sure are a great tabby color. And you are just so handsome. Some of us wander off and come back and then leave again. There just is so much territory to cover. Glad you keep coming back to see the Publicist and the Male person too.

  3. stubby has found a great resort to escape to!

  4. He's still wandering, eh? I guess you can't take the road outta the cat. He looks good though, well-cared for and plumpy. I guess he's playing everyone for food and cuddles!

  5. Stubby seems to have brought an additional dimension to life on the farm. He is a handsome lad. And look how much Sherpa has changed since you first brought him home.

  6. it is cute that stubby knows he is in a safe place when he visits. sherpa does not look like the welcome cat!

  7. You remind me of our old tabby cat Hobie. Very cute!

  8. Stubby's like Waffles. An cuddling interloper without a care in the world.
    ; )

  9. Oh oh. Sherpa doesn't look happy. AT.ALL.

  10. you should put a note on Stubby to see what other people he visits.

  11. Stubby, we suspect you are enjoying Double Dinners! We know we would.

  12. That Stubby is a very handsome cat! Of course, so is Sherpa. BTW, TW has some same undies that she got from Victoria. HAH!

    1. The publicist says they are very comfortable undies!

  13. Sherpa, we're sorry you're not happy about Stubby but we're glad he's a farm cat most of the time now!

  14. Stubby, the socks might have been warmer and fluffier, but those undies are very colorful.

  15. How nice for Stubby to come and spend some time with the Publicist.


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