Thursday, April 10, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - A Satisfying Patrol

As you saw on Monday, I go to all heights to make sure I scout for mousies!

I even climb trees!
When I left you I was on the fence by the garden.

I was watching intently when I spotted something!
Not a mousie but a GOPHER!
The male person will be NOT be happy.
He does not like gophers in his garden.
I had better go to work!

Now the rest of this post is NOT for the faint of heart.
I am a FIERCE hunting cat.
Be warned!

We have pocket gophers here and I caught a BABY.
Better to eliminate it before it grows up to make MORE gophers, right?
Don't let that little rodent fool you.
It is NOT dead.

It tried to escape me - but I was not going to let that happen.
It was my mid-morning snack.
I just had to make sure that Sherpa the Farm cat or some chicken did not steal it from me.

OK my little furry meal.
I am ready to dine.

 (For some reason the publicist does not like the crunching. I do not understand why.)
A Farm cat has to eat.
OK - I'm well fed but I like my rodent!

Almost done!

There we go!
A very satisfying little nibble.
For some reason I do not share my gopher like I share mousie.
I gobble it ALL down.

Now it's time to relax in the sun and wait for my next adventure.
I LOVE being a Farm cat!


  1. Wow! Gophers must be REALLY tasty if you don't want to share, Harry!

  2. Ahhhh. That must have been a very satisfying meal, Harry. Do gophers taste better than mousies?

  3. And what a good farm cat you are, Harry!

  4. great job Harry - keeping the garden safe from maurading gophers :)

  5. Good boy Harry for getting the gopher. Bet the Male person was very happy. And you got your raw food for the day. All is good on the farm. Hope all of you have a great day.

  6. oh, you are a good farm cat!

    (and i love the fence photo!)

  7. Do they taste like chicken? Our mommy thought it was gross but we're intrigued!

  8. Well done! I took a series of pics of Odin eating a mouse but only dared to post on on Monday. Love your low-lying pine branches, so perfect, not too high or low.

  9. Gopher filet mignon. You look quite happy, Harry.

  10. You are such a hard working farm cat. Good for you, Harry!


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