Monday, April 28, 2014

AbbyDay - I Have the Sads

It's another AbbyDay - I think all days should be AbbyDays but the publicist disagrees with me so I guess I have to take what I can get.

As you all know I have not been well.
I was feeling a little better and I maaaed that I was keeping my secrets.
Well, one of my secrets would not stay kept and now I am sad.
My kid is dead.
The publicist and the male person helped it come into this world and they took it away from me.
I don't know where they put it.
I guess that is for the best.
But I will admaaa-t that I am feeling much better since it left me.
I have the sads but sometimes these things happen.

Now the publicist says I have to eat, eat, eat and gain some weight.
She says I am too thin.
She says I have had a rough winter.
I think she is right but don't tell her I maaaaed that.

For now I am enjoying all of the tasty hay she keeps feeding me.
Not to mention the apples.
She keeps feeding me apples to try and "cheer me up."
I do like apples.

I am also enjoying all of the scratches and pets I am getting.
I don't let on but I do like to be pet.
I know - you are probably surprised by this.

I would not though, start spreading rumors that I have gotten soft.
I am still AbbyGoat.

Got it!


  1. I am so, so sorry sweetheart. I wish I could give you a hug...

  2. Aw, Abby, we are sorry you lost your kid. But we are also sooooooo grateful the Publicist was able to help you when you needed her. You will start feeling better and better every day now, we think--and spring is here and the snow is gone and there's sunshine and hay and apples and all the other goaties to hang out with. Life will be good. XOXOXO

  3. I'm sorry you've had such a tough winter and lost your kid, Abby. But at least you can eat whatever you want!

  4. Apples are a good cure for almost anything, and we're all glad that you are going to be all right. You gave the publicist a scare.

  5. This winter was very hard on our animal friends and I'm sorry it was tough on you too, Abby. I'm sorry for everyone on the farm for the loss of your little one. :( That is very sad news.

  6. Oh Abby, we are so sorry about your kid. That is so sad. We bet the publicist was sad too. But now you can begin to heal and eat as much as you want. We send lots of pats to ya Abby and that does not mean you are soft, just a good girl. Take care.

  7. Sorry to hear this sad news Abby, it is indeed sad. But, like you maaa'd - sometimes for the best. Glad the publicists was able to help you and that she's giving you extra food and treats to help you get back to your fully-healthy self again. Remember, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!" (Tell her that's supposed to be a couple of apples, and you'll be better in no time!!) Take care and no, we know you're not going soft,!? no. ;-)

  8. i am glad you said it 'out loud'. i think that's important for grieving.

  9. So sorry. I had the feeling that was what happened. It is good to share your sadness, because you don't have to carry that all alone. We all share your sadness too. Gobble up all that greens and apples, they will make you feel better!

  10. oh poor abby goat. so sorry about your kid. but i am glad you are feeling better and i know the publicist is taking good care of you!

  11. we are sending some purrs Abby and we are sorry about your kid. Don't worry - we won't tell anyone about the petting :)

  12. Oh Abby...we are so very sorry about your kid. Life's just not fair sometimes. We're glad you told us about it, but don't worry...we won't let anyone know about you going soft.
    xoxo (((purrs)))

  13. Oh Abby! I think you deserve some other choice fruit. Make sure you tell the publicist! I'm glad you are feeling better and very sorry that you've lost your baby.

  14. We're very sorry about your kid Abby. We're sad about it too but we do hope you get better and enjoy the apples!

  15. Dear Abbygoat, I so sad to hear your maw that your kid had died. When you went to see the vet last week, I thought that might have been the secret you were keeping. l know the Publicist & the Male Person did everything they could to help you when you got sick, but sometimes a kid just isn't healthy enough to survive being born. The most important thing for you to do is to eat a lot of good food & fatten yourself-up so you can be really healthy again. And,no, I am not surprised that you enjoy pets, scratches & I do not think that makes you "soft" at all Abby.I think that makes you a very sweet goat. But we won't maw about that right now - will we. Feel better soon Abbygoat.

  16. I am so sorry you've lost your kid. All of us at Eden Hills are sending you love. It will get better, Abby.

  17. oh Abby, we're all very sorry you lost your kid. This was a REALLY tough winter, according to our human. LOADS of fireplace time for us, so it must have been!


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