Friday, April 18, 2014

A Big Thank you from AbbyGoat

I would like to maaaa my thanks to everyone that was worried about me.
I am not maaaaaing what was wrong.
It's my secret to keep.

I don't like worrying the publicist like that and I am sorry I did it.
I am going to try my best to not do it again.
I do not like to see her cry.

I am getting lots of attention now so I must admaaa-it that I do like that.
Getting scratched is very nice.

I am back to eating normally.
I am also back to not sharing my hay.
I am looking skinny I think so I need to eat it all.
Pricilla can find her own!

I am back to butting things.
Like Harry the Farm cat.
Hee hee.

And I am back to grazing on the nice green grass.
I am AbbyGoat.

And I am keeping my secrets.....


  1. Good to hear that you are feeling more yourself again, Ms. Abbygoat. But, please don't worry the Publicist like this again. I know she was terribly upset. *Hugs & Skritches

  2. Abby! You're looking good there! We cannot IMAGINE how worried the poor Publicist was. Heck, *WE* was checking Facebook and your blog so often we probably made the Innerwebs 'splode. We really does have the happies you are well again. You stay that way now, okay?

  3. I am so glad you are feeling better, Abby! LOTS of us were worried about you!

  4. Oh Abby, we sure are glad you are all right and feeling better. We don't like to see the publicist or you sad. Something funny went on but the Great news is that you are all right. Take care.

  5. I'm so glad you're feeling better. Sometimes, it's best to keep those secrets. Our humans would really worry if they knew everything.

  6. Abby, we are SO RELIEVED to know you're feeling better. We had been so worried about you and would make Mommy look for updates ever so often.

  7. abbygoat, there is a sadness throughout your post, but i won't pry. i am glad you are well. my heart goes to you and the publicist.

  8. This whole thing is weird. Weird. Weird. Weird. Okay, so gal's gotta have her secrets, but some of us are concerned for your health, Abby. Stop the crap and come clean. Then the Publicist won't continue to worry about you.

  9. Abby, we're very relieved you're feeling better and no more secrets okay? We were very worried about you so we can only imagine how worried the publicist was!

  10. Well, Abby, whatever you were up to, it was not nice to make the publicist cry.

  11. Abby, we are so relieved & happy to know you are OK. You gave the Publicist & the rest of us quite a scare. You can keep you secrets, as long as you do not make the Publicist cry or worry so much about you. Nom lots of hay & you will get your curves back in no time. It is so good to know you are doing better & head butting once again. Scritches are the best medicine don't you think?

  12. Hooray AbbyGoat!! I hope you’re not holding secrets that could affect your health. Sending you healing purrz in case you still need them.

  13. oh abby i am so happy to hear you are feeling better! please don't scare the publicist or uslike this!

  14. Abby dearest, I did not know; *glares at typist* as I have not been allowed to visit my furriends for some time. But you are looking very thin dear one so please do NOT SHARE your hay with need all you can eat...purrs, Savannah pee Ess I am passing along an award to you on my bloggy on Monday, hope you like it

  15. I agree with TexWisGirl. I can feel the sadness in your post, but I will not pry either. It's AbbyGoat's secret to keep. I am glad you are back to yourself, and that the publicist can relax a little now. My heart squeezed tight, and it was good to see you butting heads at everything like usual. Keep on butting!


Maaaaaa away....


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