Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We Have a New Kid on the Farm

When the publicist posted her Consequences of Doing the Goat Rhumba photo yesterday she had no idea how immediate those consequences would be! We all woke up yesterday to find out that Thelma the goat was in labor! It took her all day and most of the night but at around 9PM the magic happened.

Thelma the goat had her kid.
And it was one VERY BIG KID!
I think the biggest kid ever born here on the Farm.
I am glad I did not have to pass that monster to give birth to that big baby.

As you can see it is another cowgoat.
Luke will be so proud.

Bernadette the goat was not sure WHAT was going on.
But she will soon find out she is no longer the baby of the Farm.

There will be better photos in the daylight.
Thelma waited until the barn was in complete dark and the publicist had to take these by the light of her headlamp.

Oh - you want to know the sex of the baby, don't you?
I guess I have kept you in suspense long enough.

But not QUITE yet.
Here is a little movie so you can hear what a newborn goat sounds like.
I thought you might like that.
The secret to doeling or buckling will be found within......

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

Were you surprised?
A name will be forthcoming......


  1. What a sweetie! Thelma is such a good mom. Congratulations to her!

  2. Oh, cuteness! He sure looks like a buckling. Poor mama. Musta been a lot of work!

  3. I think I'm going to continue working on laying an egg with a brand new baby in it. That way I won't have to think about birthing anything that big! Congratulations Thelma!

  4. Oh Thelma, good job. That little boy sure had a lot to say. Nothing more fun than a wonderful new baby kid on the farm. Thelma, you sure are a good mom. Hope all have a good day and that it is a little warmer there.

  5. Oh, BOY! What a sweet sound that is! Congratulations on springtime fun at the farm--I can't wait to see the videos of him hopping around.:) Give him a smoochie from Aunt Lin!

  6. He's going to be a politician!

  7. Congratulations to all! Bet Thelma is glad that is over!! New baby is very cute.

  8. oh, glad all was okay after that long labor! they remind me of spring peepers (the frogs that sing from the pond).

  9. Oh, that sound makes me long for my own babies again. So happy for Thelma!

  10. oh how cute!!! a little baby boy! will he be staying?

  11. Yes I was very surprised~ And that Phillipe boy sure is BIG!!!!! Is he going to stay?

  12. What a big baby boy! And he has a great set of lungs too! Congratulations, Thelma!

  13. Awwww.... Congrats to Thelma! Can't wait to hear his name. :)

  14. SCREEEE! Concats to Thelma. What a cutie! What a set of lungs!

  15. Congrats Thelma! What an adorable buckling! He's gonna be a loud one!

  16. Awww.... LOVE!!!!! What a cutie! ... and a nice set of pipes!
    Congrats, Thelma! We're looking forward to LOTS of photos and videos!

  17. Oh, my gosh, how adorable. Congratulations on the new kid. Hope Thelma is a good girl.


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