Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Investigation Continues - I Have Three Suspects

As you all know we have a MYSTERY under investigation here on the Farm.
Our Weed Tree has DISAPPEARED!

Our yummy, tasty, delicious Weed Tree!

I have been an intrepid InvestigatorGoat and I have come up with three suspects in its disappearance:

Alex the goat, AKA TerrorGoat, AKA PIA goat

Harry the Farm cat - do YOU trust that face?

The male person. WHY is he smiling? WHY?

One of these three is the one who took it away.
I am SURE of it!

Who do YOU think is the culprit and WHY do you think they did it.
Or if you think it might be some (one,cat,goat) else let me know. I'm willing to consider other suspects.
If you guess right there is a prize!


  1. The male person. One time over a year ago lots of socks went missing after my daddy did laundry. He denied, denied, denied. We found them hidden in a filing cabinet just this January... he had 'no idea' how they got there... with a twinkle in his eye....

  2. Well that smile on his face gives away the Male person. Maybe he wants to use that particular space for something else and maybe it will be yummy too. Who knows. Hope you all have a great day.

  3. it's a conspiracy of all 3!!! :)

  4. It must be Harry the cat. He is the only one equipped with sharp appendages.

  5. we are going with the male person - he looks like he was up to something. Alex may be a terror, but he is still kinda little. And Harry would never be bad. :)

  6. It has to be the male person since a goat or cat that cute couldn't do that ;-0

  7. We say it is the male person. Taking the weed tree down & chopping it into pieces along with delivering branches to each pen would have required opposing thumbs & the Male Person is the only one with a set of those handy accessories. The Male Person is pursing his lips a bit and we think that is a sign he has something to hide. A guilty smile if we ever saw one, a nice smile to be sure, but guilty looking none the less. Harry has a good death stare (almost as good as Abbygoats), but I don't think he is interested in trees except for scratching his claws & Terrorgoat is still too little to figure out how to cut a tree down & chop it up.
    We hope that whoever carried out this act of goatie-terrorism had a reason for getting rid of your favorite weed tree. It would be nice if the Weed Tree had to come down to make way for a bigger & even tastier new tree. That would make all the goats very happy indeed. Let us know who you pin it on Pricillia. You have some interesting suspects.

  8. it's gotta be the Male Person - he's got a devilish glint in his eye - and I think removal of the Weed Tree is too much for Alex or Harry to have handled.

  9. We think it was the Male person but Harry probably snoopervised!

  10. HHGutt! He’s got guilt written all over him. If not him, than the male person altho … the snow may have killed it dead. You know, knocked it over with its heavy weight.

  11. Male person doing a bit of Spring cleaning.

  12. I dunno, I think they ALL look guilty. I'm gonna give my best Clue guess:

    The Male Person, in the Yard, with the Saw.

  13. Well duh, it's the male person. It's ALWAYS the human's fault. No matter what "it" is.

  14. What- it's simple-the male person always changing up the landscape, trying to make it better for us at the expense of our lovely weed tree. Sigh.


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