Monday, March 3, 2014

AbbyDay - A Winner and a New Farm Cat

It's AbbyDay - the best day of the week written by the best goat on the Earth.

It's AbbyDay and I am full of news today. First I - yes, me AbbyGoat, get to announce the winner of the Name the New Cow Soap contest. The publicist says she is sorry it has taken her so long to give me the winner but she is the laziest woman on the face of the earth claims she has been busy.


If you will recall Pricilla has a new soap in her shop shaped like a cow.
Why she needed this I do not know.
If you ask me she needs another Abby Soap.
One is simply not enough to truly express my wonderfulness.
The publicist says she has this soap in several scents now but they are not all listed in the shop because she has not gotten off her lazy butt to package them claims she has been busy with favor soap orders.


But without further ado the new cow soap is named - Clara!
And the winner is Sharkbytes!
Clara just happens to be the publicist's grandmother's name.
(Sharkbytes if you will email the publicist at kaiminani at gmail dot com she can get your address so she can mail you your prize!)
Thank you to everyone who submitted such cute names.

I am also instructed to tell you that VisitorCat is officially a Farm cat.
The male person took him to the vet yesterday to have his pompoms removed.
The vet thinks he is part Maine Coon Cat!
He weighs 16 pounds and is healthy as far as can be figured out from a vet visit. They think he is about 2 years old. They also think he was in some kind of accident - like the publicist thought too because of the way his tail is shortened and kinked and the way his back end is skinnier than his front end.

He will come home from the vet tomorrow and hopefully stop all of his yowling.
I am sure this will lead to many more entertaining cat adventures.
There will be an intermew with him and we will tell you his name on this week's Farm Cat Friday.

The snow has made some interesting formations on the entry gates to my pen. I think they are in homage to my greatness.

What do you think?
The publicist asked on Facebook but no one answered that they were to salute AbbyGoat!
Pffft! Silly people.

For this being an AbbyDay there was very little AbbyGoat!
So I will end with a photo of ME.

As it should be!


  1. Hello new Farm Cat! Watch out for Abbygoat...she's a pistol!

  2. Concatulations to Sharkbytes! I can't believe all the snow you are still buried under! I'm glad that VisitorCat is now a Farm Cat, with the proper parts duly removed. I can't wait to find out more about him!

  3. Clara is just purrfect! Congratulations to Shakbytes!

    We can't wait to read about Nopoms tomorrow. Heehee.

  4. We like that name, Clara. Good cow name. Also glad to hear that visitor cat is all fixed up now and an official Farm cat. I bet he is glad he has a home now. It is all good. And we are still sending the sun out there to melt all that darn snow. Take care.

  5. Go, Sharkey!! Congrats on the win!

    Happy New Cat, Happy Goats Farm! I do hope he gets a "real" name now. Do I get to name him???

  6. Wow! I'm shocked, but now have a very nice birthday gift for my SIL! Happy, happy. Those gate post ornaments are quite impressive.

  7. They look like little goat heads... without horns or is it antlers? They even have a little beard. Cool!

  8. I must say I do enjoy reading about the goats and cats and seeing their cute pics!! Today's post did crack me up - pompoms! :-) That's too cute - never heard them referred to like that before. I hope 'new farm cat' feels better when he gets home and I'm excited to learn his new name. Abbey's as adorable as ever, too!

  9. Ex VisitorCat is one handsome fella! I hope he feels well already after his pom-cedure.

  10. clara is a GREAT name! love it! congrats to sharkbytes! happiness for visitor cat to-be-named-later! yay! and abby, you are great - you don't need ice sculptures bowing down to you to know that. :)

  11. Congrats to Sharkbytes! Welcome to the new farm cat. A pretty boy he certainly is.

  12. Concats on your new farm cat. He’s already at home. Er, ahem, I said Clara too and only Clara but TW has lots of soap so concats to your winner.

    1. You are right CK - the publicist is getting old. She saw it first from Sharkbytes and that was that. She will send you a consolation prize. I will butt her for you.

  13. concats on the cowsoap having a name. we like it. and concats to the new farmcat - can't wait to hear his name. he is a lucky boy....

  14. Clara is a perfect name for the cow soap. VisitorCat was very smart to see the message on the yurt that said "Sucker for cat's lives here". I hope having his pom poms removed will end his wandering days & keep him form any more accidents. You may have to get another cat tree with the new addition & with Pumpkin actually showing an interest in joining the other Farm Cats. I'm glad VisitorCat picked you to move in with you all. Funny how he made himself at home the minute you let him in. He will be a great addition to the family. Congratulations on your new kitty. I can't wait to hear what his name is.
    Abbygoat, I can clearly see that those entry posts are topped with snow in the shape of your goatly head. How anyone cannot see that is blind. Even the snow pays tribute to your greatness Abby.

  15. Concats to Sharkbytes! Concats to the new Farm cat too! He may have lost his pom poms but he gained a pawesome new furever home!

  16. My Grandma's name was Clara too. Love that name!! Visitor Cat is lucky to have a new home - very pretty cat!! Anxious to find out his name!

  17. I do think it looks like Mother Nature's snow sculpture to honor the great Abby Goat!


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