Monday, March 10, 2014

AbbyDay - I Approve of My Grandkid, Alex the Goat

It's AbbyDay - the best day of the week written by the best goat on Earth.

I am very proud of my kid, Thelma the goat.
She did a good job with little Alex.
This time was so much easier for her.
Last time the publicist had to help Mick out but this time Thelma did it all by herself.

And he is one cute little kid!
But he would be - he has MY genes!

We had to spend today in the barn because it was raining.
This is two days in a row.
I am NOT a happy goat.

But it did not seem to bother little Alex.
Nope, not at all.
He was practicing his hopping and jumping just like a little kid should.
In fact, he is King of his hay pile.

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE.

Isn't he just the cutest little hopper?
I am very proud of my grandkid.


  1. Alex is very cute! Aren't you glad it is raining instead of snowing?

  2. Oh Alex, you really are the cutest kid. Good job climbing that hay pile. Just wait until you see the real hay pile. That will be such fun. Hope all of you have a terrific day.

  3. what a cutie!! hope you all start to dry out

  4. Oh, he's really nice! Very brave too! Thelma is a very beautiful doe!

  5. He's very, very cute. Reminds me of kittens, climbing on everything! Hope Spring comes soon so you can all go outside and play in the SUNSHINE!

  6. He's adorable and his little tail is super cute! He might need to be brought to BlogPaws. Just sayin.

  7. Pricilla - How could any of your grandkids not be the best & cutest - they have your genes. Thelma is being such a good Maw to Alex. He is a great little jumper for being only a few days old. Sorry you are all stuck in the barn, but at least it is because of rain & not snow. Wish you were here in Oregon. All the daffodils are up & we are going to get close to 70 degrees this weekend. We hope the the sunny weather makes it to the farm very soon, so all the goats will be happy running & leaping outside with plenty of fresh green grass to nom on.

  8. Alex is so cute. Can you mail him to us? Just kidding. We don’t have no grass or hay here and it’s very expensive. Can he eat kibble? You have very good jeans, AbbyGoat.

  9. Yes he IS a cute little hopper! After watching Thelma scratching her back, wouldn't it be loverly to have horns for just that reason? ;)

  10. Baby goaties are so robust and busy! It's embarrassing that it takes longer than five days just for a kitten to open its eyes and as for leaping around, fuggedaboubit.

  11. Alex will be the King of the hay-pile jumpers.


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