Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Happy Goats Horror Story

I have a story to maaaa to you that you will not believe.
It's true!
I would not lie to you.

I will admaaa-t that I am getting along in my years.
I want to sit peacefully in my pen and bask in the sun.

I maaaa to you, is there anything wrong with this?
I do not think so.

But a horror has been visited upon our little farm.
A horror I have never experienced before.

It has caused the publicist to actually set me up with a feeding station OUTSIDE of a pen.
She was very good to me; she gave me fresh hay, tasty grain and nice hot water.
I didn't have to share with anygoat.

I approved.
It's nice to be treated in such a special way.
But it's the REASON that I have to be set up like this.

It's the HORROR that has been visited upon me and my goatson.
You will not believe it.
It follows me around.
It will not leave me in peace.

Oh no! Is that it?
Is it coming after me again!
I thought I was safe out here.
I thought the publicist told me I was safe.

Safe from what you ask?
I will maaa to you....
But don't tell me I didn't warn you!

HIDE, HIDE, HIDE while you can!
It's coming!


  1. OMC (or should that be OMG, as in Goat?), I can't believe he's such a little pest!

  2. Too funny, there is an new monster on the farm. Alex, you had better watch out, Granny Pricilla will let you have it. Sounds like Alex needs his very own strong pen. So glad that Publicist is so good to you Pricilla. You deserve that. Hope all of you have an Alex free day.

  3. oh, that is a terrifying thing! :)

  4. Somehow I knew that was where this was going to end up. He is quite precocious! ;-)

  5. Alex is after you?? Maybe he thinks you have milk. Soon he will be too big to get our of his pen and you’ll be safe.

  6. no way. I don't believe that sweet little thing could be a terror. Are you sure???!

  7. I say paint him orange and call him Waffles.
    ; )

  8. Oh noes! That little cutie pie can't be a terror! You must be mistaken Pricilla!

  9. Poor goats. My 'kids' make me feel the same way!

  10. That is a good idea, maybe I should set some of the children up outside away from the terror of our house, the 1 year old kid, I mean goat, um baby... Love your blog :)

  11. This is so cute!!! I also don't believe she could be a terror at all!

  12. Oh my goatness! You really shouldn't have to put up with that.


Maaaaaa away....


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