Sunday, February 2, 2014

You Will NOT Believe it!

It snowed.
I for one am getting tired of this.

And this is not the worst of it.
It is going to get cold.
REALLY cold.
Like below 0° cold.

LOOK - this is what it is like around the Farm.
I am not a happy goat.

Many of you asked where my coat was when I showed you the pictures of me hiding on Saturday.
I will maaa you!
Even though it was snowing it was not all that cold.
Things have changed!

I am now embarrassed to report that I need to wear my coat.
I have been shivering.
I am the only goat that shivers.
The publicist says I should not be upset. She says that means I am like her! She shivers too!

I guess that's not so bad then.
And I do look lovely in my goat-ure coat.
Even if the snow is up to my knees!

I love the publicist. She always makes me feel special.

Oh, wait!
Before you go....

I have a favor to maaa....
I am not very good at maaaing for things but the Blog Paws Nose to Nose Nominations are open and I would be a most honored goat if any of you thought my little blog was worthy of a nomination in the Best Other Pet Blog category.

Here is the information you would need if you are so inclined:
Patty Woodland

There are also categories for Best Pet Blog Photo if any of my photos have appealed to you and Best Pet Blog Video if you have particularly liked any of the Movies with the Happy Goats.

The whole list of Awards is HERE and you can nominate your cat friends and dog friends. I've had the publicist make some nominations already.  She will be attending BlogPaws this year for the first time and she is very excited. I am trying to get her to take me but she keeps telling me that goats can't fly.

I think she is lying to me.
What do you think?


  1. We will be happy to nominate your blog! It is one of our very FAVORITES, even when there's not a farmcat in sight!

    1. Thank you very much Spitty. You have made me a Happy Goat.

  2. I filled out the nomination form. You totally deserve it!

    1. Thank you....I send you a goat hug.

  3. Most pleased to fill out the form!

    Good luck! I hope you win!

  4. I will definitely nominate you, Pricilla! And I hope you will nominate me too, along with your other kitty friends!

  5. My human is so excited that the Publicist is coming to BlogPaws! You have NO idea. Of course we are nominating you for a Nose-to-Nose Award. I mean, duh.

  6. We sure will nominate you Pricilla. We need a goat to win an award. Take care.

  7. you deserve to be nominated and be warm! we have lots of snow here this morning too.

  8. I'm glad to see you have your warm coat on Pricilla. My Madeline goat shivers too sometimes and it's not even very cold here in Arizona! LOL!!
    I filled out the form and sure do hope you win! :)

  9. i put in a nomination!

    and pricilla, you look lovely in your coat. i think your place looks lovely in its coat of white, too, but i don't have to try to shuffle through it!

  10. Glad you have a warm coat. I'm heading out to work in snow to my knees today.

  11. Pricilla and I thank everyone for their time in filling out the form and their lovely words.
    ~Patty the publicist

  12. We're glad you have your coat on, Priscilla. All that snow looks crazy cold!

    PS/ We'll be nominating your blog, Priscilla!

  13. I hope you win! How exciting! I think you look lovely in your coat. Maybe if you keep shivering, your publicist will let her come sit in the yurt with you.

  14. submitted my nomination! I heartfully meant my comments that I submitted with the nomination : 'I love following this blog with spokes-goat Pricilla and her cohorts on the farm. She writes so well for a goat and has a great sense of humor. And her cat co-hosts provide many additional light hearted moments that are great fun to read about. All the excellent pictures that accompany the posts add so much to my enjoyment!' - best of luck - I'll look forward to the results!

    1. Di - you are making this old goat blush. Thank you

  15. Ok, enough already with the snow. You just keep sending more and more our way and we would like to cancel our snow subscription please.

    Oh, and we are SO going to nominate you!!!

  16. Consider yourself nominated, my dear....

  17. You shouldn't be standing in knee deep snow Pricilla! You should spend the days in the warm, snow free yurt!

  18. We got about a hunnert inches of snow today and are getting another hunnert inches Wednesday.

  19. Done! Love your writing and pictures.


Maaaaaa away....


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