Sunday, February 23, 2014

Oh Snow!

We are right in the middle of a BIG winter storm.
It's true!
I would not lie.

I am NOT a happy goat.
You can see I am wearing my goat-ure again.
It is indeed cold once more.

I do not like cold.
I would really like it to be warm and sunny again.
Instead of being a goatsicle.

Rudy feels the same way.
The publicist says that we are supposed to have anywhere from 12 - 18" of snow by tomorrow.

We do not want to lose her in the snow.

I can maaaa to you that we were ALL happy to go up to the barn today.
The publicist gave us all nice hot water to drink, fresh hay to eat and APPLES!
She is so good to us.
She even brushed all of the snow off of our backs.

Even mine!
I had a LOT of snow on my goat-ure.
Then the male person went to work.

I can only maaaa that he made a LOT of noise.
But the publicist said he had fun playing with his green and yellow toy.


  1. You goats just don't get a weather break, do you?

  2. Good gracious. Will it never stop snowing?

  3. oh wow! you poor goats and humans! stay warm!

  4. Oh you poor Goats, all that darn snow. We are so sorry. We sure will tell the Sun to get out there and warm things up for you. Try to stay warm.

  5. oh, i am so glad you are all so well taken care of in that nasty winter weather!

  6. Your goat-ure coat must be very relieved to know you have a barn to keep warm in

  7. at least someone was having fun..... we did wonder if goats would start to disappear with much more snow - we don't think you all are very tall anyhow. stay inside!!

  8. Looks like only the male person is happy on the Happy Goats Farm these days!

  9. oh my brrrrrrrrr..... you guys try to stay warm! Yes that publicist is sure good to you guys.. coats and warm water to drink. apples and hay to eat... The male person has a nifty toy there!

  10. Pop sez you can keep the snow over there, Pricilla. He doesn’t want anymore. Stay in the barn and keep warm.

  11. This winter is just so hard, isn't it? I've had it with cold and snow...and there is no end in sight. :( I don't think we are ever gonna be warm again!

  12. We have snow too. And cold is on the way. I feel for you. I'm so glad your publicist is nice to you. I'm not getting any treats.

  13. I am so glad the publicist takes such wonderful care of you. But I still think you should get to be in the living room on the couch with the Farm Cats. Heh heh. A little mess never hurt anything!

  14. I hope you didn't lose little Bernadette in a snow bank! Yikes!!


Maaaaaa away....


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