Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mother Nature Must Not Like Goats

Why else would she make it so cold?
I don't understand.

The publicist has been very good to us - she makes sure we have plenty of hot water to drink.
She makes sure we have a little extra grain to eat to help keep us warm.

And yesterday she even took us up to the barn a little early to get us out of the weather.
Did I maaaa-ntion that it snowed? AGAIN!

You saw the photo of Luke the snowgoat. (This might make a good nomination for Best Blog Photo for the Nose to Nose Awards, hint hint).

We were ALL frostygoats! I was hiding deep inside my goathouse. I did NOT want to come out even to go to the barn. I am not a dummygoat.

I waited until those other goats made a path. I followed at the end.
It's a LONG walk up to that barn.
Although the real cold hadn't come yet.

Louise and Bernadette were happy to get to the barn.

Even Rude-ly was happy to be getting out of the snow.
You can see how furry he has gotten.

I took my sweet time.
I did not want to slip on the snow.
I admit it. I'm getting old.

Aaaaah finally, my snack.
Not much better than grain!

The publicist put my goat-ure on me and I haven't let her take it off since.
I do not like these below zero temperatures.
I think they should go away!


  1. I feel so bad for you goats having to deal with that weather! Too bad the Publicist can't bring you inside - I'm sure that's where all the farm cats are hanging out.

  2. Gosh, you poor goats. We are just glad that the Publicist takes such good care of you and put you in the nice barn with warm water and extra grain. Can't get any better than that and Pricilla, we are so glad that you have your nice coat. Big warm hugs to all of you.

  3. We think you need to maaaaaaa to the Publicist about getting a space heater for the barn. ;)
    How are the chickens doing? Bet the Rooster doesn't feel like crowing much, eh?

  4. although we don't have your snow, we have 19 degrees here this morning, again, in texas. it has been a much colder-than-normal winter for us, too. stay safe!

  5. brrrr.....good idea letting the youngsters break a trail

  6. We feel so bad for you being so cold Pricilla but at least you have your goat-ure to help keep you warm!

  7. Brrrrr! You all look so fluffy! Have to poof out that coat to make that nasty snow fly off! Ask for more treats! hee hee

  8. You had to walk to the barn without your coat!? Shame on the Publicist. Even the Winter Warlock wouldn’t like this winter.

  9. Do you at least have a little heater or heat lamp in the barn to keep you warm? why doesn't the publicist let you in the basement of the yurt? If you were MY goat, I would let you inside.

  10. I hope all you goaties are staying warm and make sure you keep your goatcoat on Pricilla!

  11. I'm feelin your pain Pricilla. It is harder to be in such cold weather when we get older. Even in Oregon we went from 55 degrees to 3 with the wind chill. There is a half foot of snow on my deck. The ducks are mad that the pond has frozen solid.. There will be a foot of snow when I open the shades in the morning. My metal knee joints feel like icicles in my legs. You have a lot of life ahead of you Pricilla. I'm so glad that the Publicist takes such good care of you with co-ture coats and yummy snacks and a place to warm up. It is too cold out for man or beast (that you) so try to get some rest and remember Spring will soon be here with beautiful fresh green shoots of grass & fields filled with weeds to nom as the sun shines on your back.

  12. Stay warm, Pricilla! I'm beginning to feel left out being the only one not complaining about the snow. Can I complain about our severe drought conditions?

  13. Pricilla! You can teleport over here and stay in our living room, right next to the radiator. We don't have any hay, though--I would be happy to share my kibbles! I'll save a warm spot for you XOXOXO

  14. Stay warm and enjoy the barn. It's much worse out in the wind.

  15. Glad to hear your publicist takes such good care of you. Extra grain is good!


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