Sunday, February 9, 2014

It Snowed Yet AGAIN!

Can you believe it?
I am starting to think we are living the days over and over again.
The publicist brought us out of the barn but we wanted right back in.
We are not stupid goats!

It is much nicer in a warm, dry barn with yummy hay.
Right Louise and Bernadette?
You remember them coming in from Mother Nature's fury - right?

That's much better, isn't it?
No snow on you!

Same for Thelma and Keith/
Right guys?
Thelma? Keith?
I guess they are too busy eating.
I don't blame them!

And now all of you ladygoats get ready.
Here is the glamour shot.....

Oh yeah.
Have I made your day?
You are jealous of me, aren't you?
I know you are.
You all want to come live on the Farm.
But he's mine.....all mine (and I guess the other does.)


  1. I can't blame them. When the weather is pooey, I stay indoors too!

  2. Too bad Luke can't keep all you lady goats warm at night... but at least you can dream for now!

  3. Luke, you are one handsome boy and we love your glamor shot. We are so sorry about the snow. That stinks. We will try again to send the sun out there. Take care.

  4. i bet you all can't wait for warm weather! we have had snow on the ground here since the beginning of november.

  5. Ahhh handsome!!!!! Excellent shot...sorry about all the snow...maybe the publicist should move to Florida.....we have sun here! Wishing sunny days your way!

  6. made me laugh out loud! :) he is a fine one. stay warm!

  7. Warm barn is causing warm thoughts. Luke is a poser.

  8. We won't want to be outside either! The warmth of the barn must be so inviting.

  9. yep - inside is much better until you goats can figure out how to move the yurt to a southern climate

  10. Luke is looking good! Are you going out for Valentine’s Day?

    Thank the publicist for the heads-up on my blog. It’s been corrected. Duh!

  11. The barn certainly looks like the BEST place to be with all that snow!

  12. We had too much snow last week and we don't want any more! We do love the Luke glamour shot though!

  13. There's nothing better than a warm barn on a cold, snowy day.


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