Thursday, February 6, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - It's TOO Cold For Anything

Last night was the coldest night the Farm has EVER experienced since we have lived on it.
We all woke up and it was 22 BELOW zero!
That is just TOO COLD.

All of us goats were shivering.
Except Luke the goat.
I guess he really IS a toughbuck!

The publicist brought us out into the sunshine where it had warmed up to a nice and balmy 8 below zero by noon. Aren't we lucky goats? But by then we had gotten some nice hot water, some grain and some hay so most of us were feeling better.

I was still not so happy and AbbyGoat seems to be having a bit of a relapse.
It is, fortunately, supposed to get warmer from here on out.
Let's all hope so!

So what are the Farm cats doing in all of this cold?
What would you expect the Farm cats to be doing in all of this cold?

If you said nappin' you'd be right!
There has been a LOT of nappin' going on around the yurt.

And a lot of yawning.

And they are all very happy for the big, roaring fire.
Why can't we goats have a big roaring fire?


  1. The Farm Cats are no fools! I think you goats should put your hooves down and demand a big, warm fire too!

  2. YIKES! That's really cold! We really think you guys need heating in your barn. Or you could all move into the yurt. We hope warmer days are on the way to you!

  3. you are getting the weather we have been having! i hope you warm up soon. those litties sure have the life!

  4. oh, that is dangerous cold. i hate that... i hope all of you stay strong and healthy and the sun comes back to help!

  5. It is unfair that the cats get a nice fire. Hunker down in your straw.

  6. those farm cats are pretty smart. you goats may have to go on strike!!

  7. We're getting way too much snow here so we understand why the Farm Cats are staying inside but we think there's plenty of room in there for all of you too! Just move the furniture to the side and gather around the warm fire!

  8. Yikes, 22 below zero is WAAAYYY too cold!! I sure hope it warms up soon for all you critters and humans up there in the Great White North!

  9. Brrrr! And TW thinks it’s cold when the wind chill is single digits. I guess goat fur isn’t that warm after all.

  10. Oh Pricilla,, you poor goats. -22 degrees is too cold for for anyone but a polar bear. If you had not eaten the chrissy-mas tree for a tree-t you could have asked the humans to light a bonfire for you all to get warmed-up, but too late for that. You could all cuddle close together to stay a bit warmer. You should put all your differences aside and cozy up right next to one another to be as warm as possible. Please put Abbygoat in the middle where she will be the warmest because we are worried about her health and don't want Abbygoat to get sick again. Those lazy farm cats are sooooo lucky to be snoozing their time away in front of the fire. I wish they would throw some hay on the floor & invite you all inside where it is warm. Hopefully the fierce cold will be gone very soon. Stay safe everyone.

  11. I think those farmcats should invite you inside to share the fire and their cat tree--say, aren't goaties good climbers? I hope you get warmed up SOON!!!

  12. Lucky cats. We've been at -21 TWICE this year. I am not happy about it at all. I do hope you and Abby and all the goats hang in there!


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