Monday, February 3, 2014

AbbyDay - Sometimes One's Kid Can Drive One Batty

It's AbbyDay - the best day of the week written by the best goat on the Earth.

As we all have been complaining lately - IT'S BEEN SNOWING.
A lot.
As you saw, we have been hiding in our goathouses.
It was STILL snowing all day yesterday so the publicist put us up in the barn.
It's nice and warm and dry in the barn.

But there are downsides to the barn.
Like having to be in a pen with my kid, Rudy the goat.

He is a little crazy.
He jumps up on the hay feeder.
I don't know what he thinks he's going to find up there.

But he looks...

And he looks....

And he looks!
What a silly goat!

Yes, I'm maaaaing about you.
Get down from there.
It's time to eat.

You cannot eat Thelma and Bernadette's grain from there.
You had your own and half of mine already!
Just get down here!

And eat your hay!

You see what I have to put up with?
You wonder why I want to stay outside?

ps:  Pricilla maaaas thank you for all of the very nice comments everyone left yesterday about the BlogPaws Nomination. She maaas that they made her feel all warm inside.


  1. That sounds almost as bad as if I were stuck in a room with Binga all the time!

  2. Oh Abby, we do feel for you. But we do have to say, that Rudy is one cute goat. Just like a normal goat, just has to check everything out. You just never know what might be up there. Too cute. Take care and have a great day.

  3. I think that BoyKid needs to find his own apartment and move out, Darling Abby! He's too big to be living at home, mooching off of his Mom.

  4. what a cutie he is! if i'm ever stuck in an elevator, i want rudy there to go thru the hatch. :)

  5. It looks it might be time for a bigger pen if Rudy is going to continue staying with you, Abby!

  6. oh man - locked in a room with a kid??? that would be like being locked in a room with one of the foster kittens. *shudder*

  7. We don't think we could be locked in a pen with Rudy! How do you ever take a nap or two with him around?

  8. Is that Easter grass? No? I think Rudy has cabin fever and is looking for a way out.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Abbygoat, I know it is your special day of the week & all, but I couldn't help but notice that you are no longer calling yourself the best goat on the farm and are now proclaiming yourself to be the best goat on Earth. Not that I disagree with that, but I wouldn't call the Guinness Book of World Records just yet. You may be challenged to actually prove your are the best goat in the whole planet. Rudy looks so cute standing on his two little tippy-hooves. Kids get bored so quickly, I hope he doesn;t decide to swing through the rafters of the barn. He clearly inherited his Maws' athletic skills.
    I hate to be the one to tell you Abbygait, but I heard there is plenty more snow headed your way this week and the barn may be home base for awhile. Before Rudy eats every last piece of hay, I would hide enough to stuff your ears with in case all the kids start maaawwwwwing because they can't go outside & run off all that kid energy. I think this Winter stuff is getting old for all you nannie goats. Just remember only a couple of months until Spring arrives.

  11. Being penned up with a rambunctious son can have its downsides. But think about the extra grain and lack of drafts.

  12. I know what you mean, Abby. Those kids can be a pain when they get big.


Maaaaaa away....


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