Monday, February 10, 2014

AbbyDay: Am I a Valentine Goat?

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week written by the best goat on the Earth.

I do not know WHAT got into the publicist's head.
She CLAIMS that I was shivering.
As IF I, AbbyGoat would ever shiver.
I am a toughgoat!

Do you believe she did this to me?!
Does she think that I would ever condone such shenanigans?

Even Louise the goat is shocked!
Look at her!

OK publicist.
I have posed for your silly photos.
Yes, of COURSE I look good in red.
I look good in ANY color.

But it is time to end this silliness.
It is time I returned to my natural state.
I am not a wimp goat like Pricilla!

I do not need a coat!


  1. Abby, you do NOT look happy in that coat! In fact, you do not look happy in that snow!

  2. But you look so cute in that bright red coat, Abbygoat!

  3. It's okay to admit to being cold Abbygoat, especially when you look so fetching in that lovely red goatcoat! :)

  4. Oh Abby, we love seeing you in your red coat. We are just glad that the Publicist put one on you. We need to get coats for our donkeys since it is now snowing here. But they would just chew them off of each other. We think you look great Abby. Take care.

  5. abby, i hope you are feeling good and strong again!

  6. Well, Abbygoat, I think you look stunning in your red coat. I think you should wear this couture piece with pride as obviously it is not a look just any old goat can carry off. *You* are special, as, of course, you already know.

  7. Think of it as fashion for Valentine's Day

  8. we think your coat looks great - and considering the amount of snow you all have, you might want to reconsider :)

  9. Abby, you look beautiful in your bright red coat! Kinda like a tomato! MOL!

  10. So, goats don't like coats??? I would think you would like the warmth. I hope you aren't eating your new coats!

  11. Red is your color, Abby. Don’t fight it. TW wants to know how the Publicist can get coats on goats when she can’t even get a collar on me. Carefully, Woman. Very carefully.

  12. Enjoy the coat. They are warm, and you do look good in red!


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