Monday, January 20, 2014

The State of the Tree-t

You will recall that the male person cut the Christmaaa Tree in half so we could each have some tree-t.
We have been munching and crunching and enjoying our tree-t.
Look.... is quite eaten!
We have done a good job of stripping the needles but we still have work to do.

The other half looks just as naked.

We must have been hungry goats!
At this time of year anything other than hay tastes special.

Really, publicist!
Don't you have something different for us to munch?
We are all getting tired of hay, hay, hay and more hay.

Ok - you are right we do get grain.
But sometimes a goat wants something green.
Or something.....RED.
Got it?


  1. I imagine apples are the goat version of chicken liver!

  2. Wow, that is some fast eating on the trees, Looks like you goats took care of that job. I bet some apples would taste really good right now. Winter is a hard time for goats. Good thing you have the Publicist to take such good care of you.

  3. awww. i'd love to share some downed tree limbs and good bark with you if i could...

  4. I have lots of limbs down from a recent ice storm. Pity I can't send you the bark. Especially from the apple wood. I think you'd like that--a lot.

    1. Mmmm, that would combine two of our favorite treats!

  5. You goats have been really busy with that Tree-t. Are you hoping for some yummy apples? Or maybe some strawberries?

  6. Does the publicist give you carrot peelings and orange rinds. Raid her kitchen!

  7. How about red AND green apples? I say put your hoof down and demand them! :)

  8. Tomatoes? Watermelon? The Publicist better get on it!

  9. There are plenty of winter fruit and veggies. she must know someone who grows them.

  10. There's apples in the store that somebody might be able to buy for you. You are the spokesgoat so deserve it!

  11. Wow, you goats really had your way with that tree!
    ; ) Katie

  12. Apples? Tomatoes? Pomegranates? Rhubarb?????? Whaaaaat???

  13. Dang, our tree is just sitting in the yard. I wish I had a goaty here to nibble on it for me.

  14. Apples! You deserve yummy apples!


Maaaaaa away....


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