Monday, January 27, 2014

The Publicist Has Gone a Little Foggy

It's true.
I would not lie.
She seems to have gotten obsessed with the frozen fog!
She thinks it is beautiful.

She keeps taking pictures of it.

She is even taking picture of ME framed by it.
What is she thinking?
I suppose I do look pretty.

She says she likes the textures.
She says she likes the spikes.
I think perhaps the frozen has fogged her brain.
What do you think?

I guess until it warm up I am going to have to put up with this.


  1. Pricilla, I don't know what to tell you - my human thinks that frozen frost is pretty awesome too!

  2. WE also think the frozen fog is terrific. It is really pretty and does make a good frame for you. But for your sake, hope it melts soon. Maybe that sun will come see you. Take care.

  3. the hoar frost is really lovely!

  4. It's all good until you start getting the little white furs on you!

  5. It is pretty Pricilla but it doesn't mean we want to see it up close and personal! We prefer sunpuddles!

    PeeS: Tell the publicist that our mommy will add some red in with towels but she's too chicken to go all out and add too much color to the remodeled bathroom. She did paint one (small) wall in the living room chili pepper red and that was way out of her accountant comfort zone! MOL!

  6. Yeah, Pricilla, why does the fence look fuzzy? Is that, like, mold? Does ice get moldy? I thought it was balmy where you are while the rest of us were freezing. You do look really good in the fuzzy fence.

  7. It's BEAUTIFUL! are too, Pricilla. :)

  8. It IS sorta a cool fashion statement to be photographed through the fog...

  9. WOW!!! the frozen fog photos are BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Of course not as beautiful as Pricilla.
    But so very cool!!!
    : )

  10. That sounds like my human too. Taking pictures when they should be giving us treats!


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